Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away....

Normally this is a barely visible stream coming down our neighbor's property.

It has been raining for two days going on three.  All of the creeks and rivers in the mountains are overflowing and running fast.  So many roads are closed and we still have another day of rain to get thru. Our home is built above the road with good drainage.  Even so our yard gets a bit soggy with this much rain.

We had planned on staying home, hunkering down with a good book or movie but ran out of food in the house.  Veggies and no hummus, eggs and no potatoes... so off we go and I took my camera with me.  All our roads mostly follow the rivers and creeks where it is flat but also prone to floods. Come along for the drive and I will show you.

Bridge to someone's driveway

Many homes have creeks flowing in front so have a bridge of sorts to get over to reach the house.  Not going to happen today.

Another flooded driveway

Lake Tomahawk is a scenic cerulean blue lake surrounded by mountains with a lovely walking path around it.  Today the muddy colored lake met the paved path in some places and overflowed over to the shaded picnic areas.  I have never seen it this high.

Lake Tomahawk walkways

Almost  to the picnic area.

Condo complex next to a creek.

 Many newer developments have babbling creeks flowing by or thru them  - not a good thing today as you can see.  Other areas had mini waterfalls tumbling noisily down the rocks on the side of the mountains. Normally, unless it rains, there is nothing there to see.


Now that I am home I will change into some warm comfy clothes and put a rented movieon to savor the cozy night  with the family and our sweet cats.  Hope the weather is much better where you are.


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