Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring at the Arboretum

 Been warm and rainy here but spring is happening. I wen tot eh Arboretum a few weeks back and not much was up other than the daffodils.  This time all sorts of flowers were in bloom.  They have a Quilt garden that changes often throughout the season.  Right now pansies make up colors.

 Redbud are blooming.  The Bradford pears are leafing out now and soon the other trees will follow.


 This is a lovely hybrid magnolia - the tree is bare but fo the exquisite pink flowers.

 Spring snowbells form clumps  walk ways.  I want some of these for my garden next year.  And the highlight of the day was a peek at the pileated woodpecker seen below.  My husband heard his call - we have them in our woods too but rarely see them sitting still this long.  He was just a few trees over and did not fly off.  It is a female.  Pretty cool sighting!

Hope spring is coming to your neck of the woods - if not now then soon!


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