Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Closing This Blog

Dear Followers and Visitors,

After three years of blogging, I have decided to close this one blog and just focus on my other cat related blogs.  I just don't have the time to do everything.  This blog will stay up and open for a bit longer since many people do stop by for info on the area - just no new posts will be added.

I will however be continuing to post about the mountains of North Carolina on the Facebook page of Life in the Carolina Mountains - so stop by and like us if you are a Facebook member.    The link is on this blog on the sidebar.  I will be posting pics and links relating to the NC mountains on the Facebook page and welcome any feedback.

Thank you so much for your friendship and comments over the years.  It was fun but it is time to move on to other things.  See ya on FB!


Kea said...

I'm sorry to see this blog close, but completely understand! No, it's impossible to do everything.

Lots of hugs, hope all is well.

Old Kitty said...

Awwww I shall miss this beautiful blog but glad you are continuing your wonderful cat one!! All the best with FB and thank you soooooooooo much for introducing me to the amazing and beautiful delights of your corner of the world! Take care

JC said...

I understand. I don't blog much lately myself.

Thanks for letting us know.

JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

100 Thoughts of Love said...

well darn, i will misss these wonderful posts where I have learned a lot about the state that I HOPE to soon live in! See you on FB!

Louvregirl said...

"Life in the Carolina Mountains~" I have always loved that title. Best of everything to you.
Karen (lg)
(...In the Appalachians as well :-))

Lui said...

I've been on a sabbatical too ;-) but I'm not closing just yet. I will be visiting the cats and the mountains too!


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