Monday, February 27, 2012

Catawba River Falls, Old Fort

With the winter being so mild this year, my husband and I have been trying to take hikes once a week.  A few weeks back we went to Catawba River Falls in Old Fort, just a 20 minute drive from our house along scenic back roads.  The trail starts next to someone's house with roadside parking. 

The trail follows the river up to the falls and there are three low water crossings.  Apparently the water was very low earlier that day but as the rain from the night before  seeped into the river, the water rose by the time we got there.  I am not very coordinated and have poor distance judgement - making for a nervous crossing.  Don took my camera and  I took the walking stick for balance.  The worst that could happen was to step in icy cold water and have wet feet for the rest of the hike!

I crossed the creek safely and  the hike was lovely.  As we ascended, the river was below us, accompanying us with its burbling, splashing  voice.  A very soothing sound to me.

Don at the second crossing.

Further up there is a large dam that is no longer used.  The water flows through the holes and down into the gorge. People are warned not to climb the wall!  A final crossing sits just below the falls with a tumble of boulders to pick our way through.  The trail is clearly marked but here the markers are painted on the rocks.

It was well worth the 1.5 miles in to see this.  The falls is a 340 foot cascade to a pool below.  With naked trees we had a perfect view to the top.  The trail does go on up to the 70 foot drop of upper falls but a very muddy trail was closed off with a sign Hazardous Hiking!  Some people did go up but ended up sliding back down the slippery trail on their bottoms!

Another couple making the final crossing below the falls.

Me, on the final crossing at the end of the 3 mile trail.
Hope you enjoyed the hike as much as we did!  Happy Our World Tuesday!  Go there for more pics of our world. I also joined Watery Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feathers, Flowers and Fur

I have not posted in a few weeks - lots to do at work and then I got sick, staying home in bed for over a week. Meanwhile in the yard, spring has sprung and a bit early.  The goldfinches are swarming the feeders along with junco, titmouse and chickadees.

 I have put a small feeder just outside the door on the deck so I can take some photos from inside through the glass but it takes a while to let the birds get used to me standing there.  Very skittish birds in my yard.



 My cat Joey sat inside the window keeping an eye on the birds for me.  All my indoors cats enjoy the activities at the feeder, especially when the chipmunks and squirrels join in.

And finally the daffodils are up and blooming - last year and in years past it was March before I saw this many blooming.  I have many varieties so the flower show goes on for weeks with new ones popping open here and there.  I hope spring is coming soon to you too.


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