Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingerbread Houses Gone to the Dogs!


For the post today I am featuring a few special needs dogs from our local no-kill shelter Brother Wolf.  If you would like more info about them please go to their web site.

Grand Prize Winner

Made of Milk Bones!!!!
Now on to the gingerbread houses.....The Grove Park Inn in Asheville hosted a Grove Bark Inn Doghouse Gingerbread contest much like their annual one for people only in this one the material had to be dog edible and the money raised went to the local pet shelters!  I stopped by one day this past week while they were still on display at the country club building.

The categories were set up like the dog shows - by breeds: Sporting - individual adults, Working - businesses, Herding - non profits, Terrier - ages 9-12 and Toy - ages 5-8. It looked like a fun competition and a well worthwhile cause!

A Flinstone version!

My favorite!

This one has jerky roof tiles.

The Grand Prize Winner was Tim Lamb of Atlanta who made a giant hydrant out of milk bones!  Pretty creative!

This holiday season, please consider donating food, supplies or money to your local animal shelter - they need your support!  Have a great weekend.



Donna said...

Nice construction work! And cute dogs. Hope they find good homes soon.

Odie Langley said...

What a great post. Loved seeing all of the creations and especially the last picture. Love dogs.

EG Wow said...

Super neat gingerbread houses!

Carletta said...

That fire hydrant was thinking out of the box. I love it!
What a great idea for your local shelters and thanks for reminding use to consider our furry friends in need.

Shannon said...

There are some really neat gingerbread houses there. Too Cool!

Jo said...

What lovely houses Cheri. I hope the dogs are homed soon, they're sweet. I miss my dogs back home in South Africa and know they would LOVE all the houses especially the one with the jerky roof tiles. I love your header. Blessings, Jo

Martha in PA said...

What a wonderful contest! All so unique!
I always make sure I donate to a local shelter or two during the holidays!


Pat said...

Such sweet little dogs! I hope they get forever homes.

chubskulit said...

Such fun to use those kind f designs hehehe.

Please come see my critter shots. Have a good weekend!

Old Kitty said...

How creative!! Awwww!! Wonderful entries for this contest and all the better for the doggies!! Great stuff! Hope Louie and Pawpaw and all these wonderful doggies in Brother Wolf find forever homes soon. Take care

eileeninmd said...

How cute, I just love the houses. Great post and I hope these cute doggies get a good home.

Anonymous said...

LOL - how very creative!


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