Friday, December 16, 2011

Cats and the Montford Holiday Home Tour

Scales House
 I love taking home tours and seeing how other people decorate their homes, renovate older homes and landscape their yards.  This tour was a holiday home tour of the Montford neighborhood in Asheville.  I jumped a the chance to go with my husband.  Each home was decorated for the holidays and offered a hot beverage and snacks.Of the 13 homes on the tour we saw seven.

We were lucky - it was a balmy  sunshiny day in the upper 40s - in years past it has been snowy and cold.  The first house we visited was  the Scales House, built in 1926 and has undergone extensive renovation.  Fresh baked goods from Small Batch Baking local cookbook author Debbie Maugans were available for sampling.  Their tabby cat was trying desperately to catch a squirrel but his bell gave him away even tho he was hiding in the bushes!

can you find the cat?

The next house wasn't so much the house but  a walk in bakery.  They built a wood fired oven outside and baked breads and other delicious goodies in the oven.  We bought a whole grain bread and two pnatonnes, one for us and a gift for friends visiting the next day.  This is a small Italian  pastry with bits of fruit and nuts - great for toasting for breakfast. Their cat was sunning himself outside when a brave or dumb squirrel ran right up to him be fore realizing his mistake!  No blood was shed as he got away!

The wood-fired oven of the Montford Walk In Bakery

This is a home business and the way it works is  they list online what the offerings are each day, you place your order by phone or online and come by to pick it up.  They are inspected by the Agricultural Dept. rather than the Health Dept. - they cannot have any refrigerated items.  We will be back for more goodies.  Their web site is

Not a bright squirrel!

The third house (we will continue the tour later this coming week) was the Kuhne House, a story and a half but not a bungalow.  Built in 1896, it was the oldest of the tour.  It was built by Richard Kiibler who ran the butcher shop at a local market long gone.  I liked the grounds of this place best especially with the cat to show us around.

Their backyard patio, fire pit and workshops.

Kuhne House circa 1896

Pretty kitty.

I am joining in on the new Saturday Photo Hunt.  This week the word is JOY!  This season is full of joy and I find joy in participating in many different holiday celebrations like this home tour!  I am also taking part in Camera Critters.  Please do stop by both blogs and join in on the fun!

Come back by in a few days when I will post the rest of the tour.  Hope you are enjoying the hustle and bustle of  the holidays!  Happy Weekend.



Holiday tours look like a lot of fun! We enjoyed seeing yours (especially the cats)!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Lui said...

What a marvelous idea! I would join the tour too if I can!

ancient one said...

Loved the tours and the cats... doing something like that would certainly bring me JOY..

Prancer Pie said...

The Mom lufs home tours! These were great! This was a purrfekt post fur JOY.

Mar said...

EWhat a great tour and I love the picture with the cat and the squirrel!!

Happy holidays!

eileeninmd said...

Looks like a lovely tour. Lot sof cute kitties on your tour. The outdoor oven and bakery is neat and I just love that cute Kuhne house. Great series of photos, have a wonderful weekend!

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! What a great tour!! Love all the different houses and baking things and kitties! LOL!! Yay that the squirrel got away!

Thanks for sharing! Take care

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Fun photos!
Thanks for joining the new Saturday PhotoHunt site.
See you next saturdy!

Odie Langley said...

Beautiful tour, thanks & have a wonderful weekend.

Liz said...

Lovely pics. Great take on the theme. Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

Denise said...

Thanks for taking us on such a lovely tour.

Pat said...

Nice tour! I like the cats and the outdoor oven!

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous and very well captured!

Critters Post, happy holidays!

SquirrelQueen said...

This looks like a fun tour. It seems it be as much a tour of cats as houses. I love the photo of the squirrel and cat. The squirrel seems to have realized his mistake and is trying to decide in which direction to flee.

Western North Carolina said...

You should really get a twitter account and add it to your Blog so I can follow you :)

On Topic: Tour looks great, and I'm a huge fan of cute cats :D

I really can't believe that Squirrel hopped up on the chair next to the cat! Its crazy you were able to get that shot.

Louvregirl said...

Thank you for that home tour!
lg :-) Loved it!


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