Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mountaintop Wedding, Banner Elk

Last weekend my husband and I attended a wedding of two friends in a multi million dollar timber frame gated community in Banner Elk - I couldn't wait to go since I had not seen the development before. The entrance is showcased with a zig zag series of rock walls. The gatehouse is a huge log structure similar to the homes inside.

Most of the lots are sold but few houses have been built. This is one of the first you see on the two mile drive up to the Great Camp where the wedding took place. The development has a wildlife sanctuary, hiking trails and all sorts of sporting areas with a equestrian center in the planning stages.

The reception was in the pavilion - huge Paul Bunyan size picnic tables flanked a massive stone fireplace. Since we were at 4500 feet, the view was spectacular and the air was nice and cool. Dinner and appetizers were buffet style - lots of fresh fruit, cheeses, roast beef and salmon for the entree and yummy wedding cake for dessert.

A rock amphitheater led down to the stage where the ceremony took place. Seating was on the rocks situated on the hillside overlooking the stage. Thankfully the invitation said not to wear heels but they should have required hiking shoes and attire!!!!

The men in the bridal party wore black Converse sneakers - looked great with the tuxes. The bridesmaids wore deep plum dresses and carried cream and plum colored bouquets tied with ribbon. They too wore flat sandals to better maneuver the gravel walkways.

Hope looked gorgeous in her gown - very simple with lovely bead work. She and the groom Brett adopted her sister's two girls who were the bridesmaids. Chelsea and Shelby took their vows with Hope and Brett - it was very touching and not a dry eye in the place.

The minister introduced the new family and named all four of them rather than just say husband and wife. It was a lovely service and very personal.

This is the view from off the stage where the ceremony took place. We are looking at the Linville Ridge - Sugar Mountain and the backside of Linville Ridge Country Club.

Another friend did the flowers and they were lovely - hydrangeas, Queen Anne's lace, lots of greenery and some other flowers I don't know the names of.

Each table had a bark vase with the same flowers inside. The walkways had candles to light the way interspersed with daisy bouquets in mason jars hanging from iron hooks and tin buckets full of black eyed Susan's filled in the nooks on the path. Very country, rustic and simple.

There was so much for the kids to do here - lots of places to run and play and this huge log had been converted to a horse swing. We had to be on the lookout for the ramming end when walking around it!

Brett, the groom, is a Chef and made the cake - a lovely white cake layered with strawberries and a butter cream frosting. It was delicious! It sat on a bark covered plate with ferns and moss around the base.

The wonderful evening was capped off with dancing under the stars and a view of the sunset and mountains going off into the distance. It was definitely one of the more unique weddings I have been to.
The Great Camp can be rented out and you don't have to live here - not that any of us at the wedding did! If you want more info on the place here visit Eagle's Nest.

Hope you enjoyed this - please visit Scenic Sunday and Today's Flowers for more.


Rosadimaggio63 said...

questo รจ veramente un magico ed originale matrimonio.
Mi piace molto lo scenario e gli sposi.
Buona giornata :-))

Carolyn Ford said...

What a beautiful location for a wedding. Oh, my...that's beautiful.

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow. Oh wow again! What a romantic place and what an absolutely romantic wedding to have in such a setting!! It's absolutely beautiful! I love the rock seating and the pine tables!! And look at that HUGE fireplace!!!

It's like the closest to having a posh wedding using nature as the backdrop! It really is so pretty!

That cake is gorgeous and the flower arrangements just perfect. And it's wonderful to see the children had a place to run around in too!!

And so sweet to have the wedding vows not just between Hope and Brett but their two adopted daughters.

This is truly a lovely post - thank you for sharing these amazing pics!

Take care

EG Wow said...

OH! What a great place to celebrate a wedding. And wouldn't I love to live there too!

Jo said...

Oh wow, Cheri. I read through your post and viewed the photos saying wow throughout. What a selfless thing to do to take on a ready made family as well. The setting is superb and definitely the most unique wedding I have seen yet. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo (South Africa)

Al said...

That looks like the perfect place for a wedding. Great photos!

Odie Langley said...

Hi Cheri,
Wonderful photos that bring back memories of our wedding at Maggie Valley back in 2002. We had the service done at Miss Caroline's Wedding Chapel and opted for the waterfall backdrop. I have a video and you can hear the water. I also sold log homes in another life and really enjoyed talking to potential customers about the advantages of log homes. Thanks for bringing back some memories. By the way it is 105 here in eastern NC today.

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous wedding venue. I'll bet her wedding photos are so wonderful.


Olive Cooper said...

An inspiring post. Congrats to the couple and how awesome that they adopted the kids and included them in all the proceedings. have a super weekend♥olive

Beyond The Garden said...

What a nice wedding story. It should be printed off for them to save. We have had a few weddings at our (much more modest) home so I really enjoy seeing what others do with the simple and/or country theme. Thanks for the story.

Genie Robinson said...

I think the word continues to be WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! You almost made me cry. My girlfriends from my years in Asheville and I used to go to Banner Elk in the summers for our yearly “gal week”. Never did I see anything like this. The wedding was beautiful and the flowers reminded me of my old flower shop on Wall Street in Asheville. It was Robinson’s Flower Shop. Now you have given me a second lovely post to bring back a flow of memories. Thanks for sharing.


stan said...

Truly spectacular! IT must be really expensive to rent a place like that for a wedding.

Ann said...

I love weddings. I can't believe they use princes anne's lace. They grow wild here.

i beati said...

most unique especially the flowers

eileeninmd said...

A gorgeous place for the wedding. Your photos are all beautiful.

chubskulit said...

Such a lovely place for a momentous occasion.

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Tammie Lee said...

this looks as though it was a wonderful time for everyone and super fine celebration of love, wishing them much happiness. I would love a bite or piece of that cake!

Luna Miranda said...

what a gorgeous place for a wedding! the flowers on the cake are beautiful--are they edible?:p

noel said...

I liked how you captured your photo of this awesome wedding, i love the venue, its spectacular, thanks for sharing.

help me decide on a photo for my scenic sunday on my sari blog,i'm submitting this for a competition

Pat's Addition said...

A lovely wedding. Hope and Brett are obviously two remarkable people. I sense there is more backstory there with the girls. Best of life to all of them.

LC said...

I do believe I could easily handle living in a community like that... absolutely stunning and such an interesting post as well... Larry

Maria Mcclain said...

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