Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wamboldtopia Gardens, West Asheville

On Father's Day I gave my husband, an avid organic gardener, a Garden Tour of the urban gardens of West Asheville hosted by Greenworks. This one garden, owned and created by Damaris and Ricki Pierce, pictured above, was the last one we visited and I thought the most unique - very inspiring, creative and filled to the brim with wonderful ideas.

Every nook and cranny was filled with elf towers, gnomes, fairy doors, birdhouses and faces on trees as well as inscriptions.

The water feature started at the top of the hill behind the house and flowed down into another pond just by the back door. It created a lovely soft sound and movement.

Pathways wandered throughout, over the stream and into shady areas provifing plenty of places to sit and rest.

Ricki ,also called the Rock Pirate, is steadily working on adding rock facade to the buildings on the property. He began with the doghouse, then his wife's studio, garage and now he is hiding their ordinary looking house under a lovely rock exterior. Turrets and towers dot the landscape.

Black cats roam the grounds busy exploring and adding to the charm of the place.

And finally when you leave, an inscription over the arch gives you that warm fuzzy feeling - as if you didn't have it before! "You are loved"

After wandering gardens all day I had used up my camera battery and memory card so some of the photos are mine, some from Wamboldtopia website and others from the Mountain Express. I hope you have enjoyed this tour as much as we did and will visit Outdoor Wednesday and Watery Wednesday for more wonderful posts!


Luna Miranda said...

wow, what a glorious garden, and you took spectacular photos! the green flower with a koi pond photo is so beautiful!

Average Girl said...

I love the archway especially the inscription! So creative!

Old Kitty said...

What a garden!!! WOW!!! It is such a creative beautiful and extremely personal garden! I love that the Pierce's have stamped their own selves in the plants, the sculptures, that amazing birdhouse and that fantastic pond! And great to see the kitties wandering around too. :-)


Thank you for sharing this hidden treasure here! I felt loved too!

Take care

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Absolutely enchanting!! Loved the tour that you took us on today.

My day's post is all about turtles. The release of 110+ baby turtles into the Gulf! With pictures galore. DIRECT LINK

Have a super Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

What a great father's day present. The pictures are just beautiful.

EG Wow said...

What a fantasyland, a place of dreams. Now, will your husband be recreating some of this in his gardens?

Dani said...

such lovely garden. relaxing there would be a treat to a soul.

Happy Wednesday!

Greyscale Territory said...

This is like an enchanting fairyland but better! It's REAL! Very beautiful!

The Recycled Dove said...

Love your blog very relaxing.
Decided to follow. One day my husband and I dream of a mountain retreat.
Stop by and visit. Love to hear your comments.


The Working Home Keeper said...

Very beautiful! We live in Raleigh and really need to take time to visit the mountains. It has been awhile since I last visited Asheville.

Mary Ellen

vignette design said...

What a gorgeous garden. Thanks for the tour.

LV said...

What a great looking place to visit. There so many different and interesting things there. Enjoyed your post today.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

A extraordinary garden and a little piece of heaven right here on earth.

Atticmag said...

What a lovely visit you gave us to these enchanting gardens. Jane F.

Sharlotte said...

These pictures are great! What a wonderful place to visit, a special treat for Father's Day! I love all the lush gardens and the stonework. Thanks so much for visit!

Ms. Bake-it said...

What a beautiful place! Great photos!

eileeninmd said...

Looks like a gorgeous garden to visit. Wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SOOOO much for all the generous words, we really appreciate that! I just posted a new photo gallery at http://www.Wamboldtopia.com and there will be a new website soon featuring even more images, stop by some time! And stay tuned for this year's tour and events! From the looks of it, this should be a glorious season.
Blessings to Every One,


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