Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Life

The other day..Mother's Day to be exact, I was taking photos of the baby goats in the pasture across from us and I noticed one female goat off by herself. She was sitting funny, getting up and walking around and then sitting down but raising her butt in the air.

She was in labor. The last time this happened Mr. Morgan, the goat farm owner, told us to call him whenever they had a kid in the pasture, so he would know. The last mom, obviously a first time mom, left her kid behind when they were called in for food. I called him and went back out to watch.

Now, Momma goat was standing up and I could see the baby sticking out of her. I didn't know if this was normal or not. Another goat - a young male was circling her and jumping up on his hind legs in excitement. I was worried he would hurt the mom but he just stayed a few feet away.

Mom goat lowered her back side and the little one slid right out. I wasn't close enough to take a photo - I didn't want to spook her in the middle of birth. I grabbed the camera now and ran over to watch the rest of the tale unfold.

The baby goat was covered in a yellow fluid that mom licked off her. It was a warm sunny day so the kid was OK being outside in the pasture. The young male kept coming back and stomping his front feet - mom kept him well away from the baby. She would but him with her head. She even kept blocking me from seeing the baby by sitting or standing right in my view. After a while she seemed to know I was not coming any closer.

div>The kid tried to stand almost immediately but kept falling back down! Mom had licked most of the yellow off her and her fur was drying in the sun. The kid was very persistent and kept at it trying to nurse as well. Mom would lift her hind leg to let the baby have better access to her nipples and was very careful not to step on the little one. Finally, after many tries, the kid found her legs and got to nurse from mom.

I had enough photos and left the pair to relax and enjoy each other. What a lovely way to celebrate Mother's Day - new life and seeing a baby being born!

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JC said...

Wow !!! Amazing ... wish I lived on a farm.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how neat to see that ---especially on Mother's Day... I am always in awe of all of the baby critters born in spring... The animals seem to do a better job taking care of their young than we humans do sometimes. We could learn from them, couldn't we?

I love it when our Daddy Cardinal brings his babies to the feeders to teach them to eat. It's just so precious to watch.

Looks like you had a fabulous Mother's Day!!!!


Powell River Books said...

What a wonderful series of photos. - Margy

Old Kitty said...


OH these are amazing shots of an incredible event. Oh my heart is warm and I'm feeling so happy just looking at these pics. These are great shots!

What a great mum and what a determined and strong healthy baby! I never knew baby goats are covered in yellow stuff first. How amazing!!

And what a priveledge to see these pics of new life. Thank you.

I love your vase of purple flowers!!

Take care

Webster said...

What a lovely eventful Mothers' Day! Thanks for sharing this with us city folk.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Indeed, what a fabulous Mother's Day gift! How awesome! Great series of photos.

~ Tracy


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