Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Veranda Cafe, Black Mountain

Last week we were blessed with so many lovely spring days that my husband and I headed into Black Mountain for lunch at my favorite place - the Veranda Cafe on Cherry Street owned by locals Jeff and Palette Butler. The restaurant is located in a beautiful old building with high ceilings, wood floors and brick walls.

It was a slow day midweek - otherwise expect to wait in line outside or in the gift shop part of the cafe. Locals frequent this place regularly for it's homemade southern fare. They make six soups daily from scratch! Along with countless desserts.

We headed in and made a bee line to the back porch for open air dining. A few others had decided to enjoy the warm day too. We both ordered their famous 1/2 sandwich with a cup of the delicious soup. The soups change daily along with various specials they offer. Don got the Pesto Turkey Ciabatta sandwich with a bean soup and I ordered my usual sandwich - 1/2 Vegetarian sandwich with Garlic Spinach Florentine soup.

The service is lovely - the women wear vintage aprons and have been with the cafe long enough for us to know them and visa versa. They always serve a flavored iced tea for those who are not tea drinkers like me. For the men, local beers are available.

>The dessert counter is wonderful and they usually have six or more tempting offerings but we passed them up on that day! I am trying to lose my winter weight gain!

For more info check out their web site at Veranda Cafe. And for more interesting places to visit around the world go to My World Tuesday!


siromade08 said...

It's a nice place to visit and of course eat hehe. I love to dine-in especially customer service is great and helpful, just feel special.

BTW, can we exlinks please. I've just added yours, please add my links too.TY

Sylvia K said...

What a great looking place! And the food looks heavenly! And I'm suddenly ravenous -- guess I'd better go have some breakfast! Glad you had such a great time and thanks for sharing a delicious part of your world!


Old Kitty said...


What a lovely place to have lunch - great choices to - I like that you can get half a sarnie with soup! And what sandwiches - yum, yum!

I also like their website - it's not showy or flash - just says it like it is - a lovely cafe with home made stuff, and kids and dogs get treats and tea parties all for them (well for the kids anyway - but treats for the doggies too!).

Golly first that gorgeous cottage up on the side of the mountain then this wonderful cafe and the really excellent yellow shop! Makes me want to up sticks and move there!

Lovely, lovely, lovely, thanks for sharing!

Take care

Pat said...

What a lovely place to have a delicious lunch! I must visit the Veranda Cafe in Black Mountain some day!

Pam said...

It all looks and sounds so delightful. What a shame its so far away from me.
We have traveled to many splendid places in those wonderful mountains.

EG Wow said...

That looks and sounds like my kind of place to eat lunch!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks wonderful... George lived in Black Mtn. in the '70's--and he doesn't recognize it. I did blow up the second picture for him and he knows where it is in the downtown area. (He recognized the Tyson Furniture across the street.)

Thanks for sharing.

SandyCarlson said...

Looks like heaven!


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