Monday, April 12, 2010

The Screen Door, Asheville - Art & Antiques

Whenever I am looking for a unique gift or just something different for the house, I stop by the Screen Door in Asheville. It is an art and antique mall of sorts localed inside a very large industrial building.

The front entrance is hidden behind an odd assortment of salvage yard ornaments, metal lawn furniture from days gone by and planters of all sizes.

Once inside, coffee is set up at the self serve station to the right of the door and the interior vendors sprawl out in all directions. Local art work is interspersed among antique furniture, knick knacks and large cement Buddhas. Some of the art work includes rustic furniture, photos, paintings, handcrafted pet collars, birdhouses and so much more!

The bookstore covers the last quarter of the building to the far right of the entrance. Huge sofas beckon and the books range from new cooking, gardening and decorating to used assorted local novels and history.

Oh yes, there is a resident tabby who I always look for when I visit. He, (I am guessing here) can be found anywhere in the shop, asleep in a comfy chair, walking the top of a dresser or sitting in the bookstore waiting to be let into the private offices.

He was not very receptive of my flashy box on this day and kept looking away from me. I hope you enjoyed visiting one of my favorite places to shop in my neck of the woods. For more posts from all over the world visit My World Tuesday.


Sylvia K said...

Oh, I did enjoy my visit! What a terrific place and definitely my kind of place!! Love the cat! Great post for the day, Cheri! Hope you have a lovely week!


J Bar said...

Sydney - City and Suburbs

Old Kitty said...


It's like Aladdins' cave inside isn't it?? I wouldn't think such treasures would be inside that big shop from looking at the outside!

And Mr Tabby Cat is a bonus - I'd be looking for him first if I go to this wonderful shop - I'd go straight to the book shop and those comfy chairs as well!

Thanks for sharing.

Take care

Jossie said...

This would be my favorite place too. How wonderful to stroll between all those old goodies.

helenmac said...

Such a variety of treasures! thanks for the tour!

EG Wow said...

This looks like a place full of wondrous treasures!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Cheri, What a neat place. I'd love going to that store. We had that old glider in front on our side porch when I grew up... I'm sure it's the same one... ha ha ha ha

What glorious treasures there must be in that place.... Wow!!!

Thanks for sharing.


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