Thursday, April 29, 2010

Words that Inspire

"Touch the sky, look the sun straight in the eye and laugh." Linda Ellerbee

We are participating in a new meme - Words that Inspire - so these photos I think reflect this quote. Trees, old large trees, seem to reach to the heavens, know all the deepest secrets and stand the test of time. I often go sit beneath an old tree and just sit...meditate or even send Reiki energy to the tree.

This one is on our land and with it's new pale green leaves against the blue sky seemed to be doing just what Ellerbee says in her quote!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Goats

We live across the road from a pasture where our neighbor raises dairy goats - Nubians. I used my telephoto on my camera but it is not a good one - excuse the grainy photos!

It is almost time for the kids to be born and the other day I happened to be outside when I noticed one of the goats sitting funny. When she stood up there was a kid next to her!

She had given birth in the pasture - not normal since the owner usually keeps the mothers-to-be up in the high pasture near his house. Since I am new to farming life, I wasn't sure whether to drive over to the house to tell them they had a baby goat or leave it be. I have done things like this and felt dumb after!

The baby did not move much and I watched to see if she was OK! Mom seemed perplexed and looked around like looking for help!

Finally the baby stood up and looked OK. I guess Mom went up to the barn without the baby - too long a walk for her but the owner came down to see where she was and brought her up. I will not see her for a while - until she gets a little bigger and stronger.

We got the Mr. Morgan's phone number now in case this happens again - he lives on the side road on top of a ridge. We can see the house but have to drive up there. It is too far to walk. He told my husband he will keep the pregnant ones up at the barn - "Full moon is coming and that's when they will all be born" he told us. I can't wait for the little ones to join the others in the pasture.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Azaleas in Bloom

This week the trees have begun to leaf out and the azaleas are all in full bloom. We have banks of white, pink and deep fuchsia colors which stand out against the new pale green leaves and the dogwoods.

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For those of you who are interested check out my post on Saturday for photos of the President's visit to our town. (I even caught a glimpse of the First Couple!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama in Asheville

We are participating in Photo Hunt today and the word is addiction - following celebrities can be seen as an addiction of sorts - some people can get really carried away dong this so I think my topic fits!

There has been lots of excitement and jets flying overhead - the President and wife arrived in Asheville yesterday for a short vacation on a scaled down version of Air Force One (our airport is not too big).

We have been working at sprucing up all week here as they are staying at the hotel where I work - the Grove Park Inn . The First Family stopped off at 12 Bones BBQ (where hubby works) for lunch. Mr. President and his wife actually waited in line outside and would not let them move him ahead inside! Obama had been in town in 08 campaigning and I saw him at a rally and heard him speak. He went to the same BBQ place then - see my story above about the place.

They went for a hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway in the afternoon and in early evening at the hotel he played a round of golf - very visible from the windows of the upper stories while Michelle went to the spa or so I am told! I strolled down to the windows above the golf course and caught a glimpse of the golf game.

I worked that night at the shop (Gallery of the Mountains) and we could see them (barely) in the restaurant across from us having dinner.

Earlier that night, I had my husband drop me off at work to avoid all the stop and search events but he came back to drive me home and got to go thru the car search with the dogs. The FBI guys asked hubby if he would mind if they planted a bag of gun powder on the car to give the dogs something to do and keep them alert. He asked if it was a trick and they smiled and said no. So they hid the bag on the car and let the shepherd mix dog find it - he did and got lots of praise for his work! Hubby thought it was cool.

We are hoping the First Couple will come in the shop sometime over the weekend....will keep you posted on the rest of the activities!

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On Saturday the First Couple spent the day at the hotel - him golfing with friends from Chicago and her playing tennis. They were invited to tour the Biltmore Estate mansion later that day hosted by the owners.

After the tour, they stopped off at my favorite restaurant - the Corner Kitchen for dinner with their Chicago friends. It seems one of the owners was eating out in another downtown place and she was texted to come back to the Corner to meet the President.

They returned to the hotel for the night and will be off to WVA this morning for the memorial service for the miners. Hope you enjoyed their itinerary. Wish we got to meet them but it was fun having them in town!

All photos from Asheville Citizen Times and AP.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day 2010!

Since today is Earth Day and the word for Thursday Challenge is food we will combine these two concepts!

We try to grow much of our food in the warm months. Hubby is an old hippie (and Chef) and has been gardening organically forever. This year he is trying straw bale gardening and has planted our tomatoes in the bales.

We have broccoli, lettuces and kale in already since they are cold hardy and mulch them down with straw.

If we don't grow our food we try to buy locally from organic farms nearby - it saves on transportation, processing and they are fresher. Our area has many farms for cheeses, meats, eggs, bakeries for breads and local connections to sustainable fishing sources for fish.

We also have an organic farm in town with a produce stand - when they are open we get our fruits, veggies and flowers there.

Fresh food just tastes sooo much better than grocery market food. Fresh food can make simple recipes can seem like gourmet. Happy Earth Day!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spa and Waterfalls, Grove Park Inn, Asheville

This is my entry for Watery Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday - the Spa and waterfalls at Grove Park Inn in Asheville. I work there actually in a small art gallery. The spa is fairly new being built in the last ten years and is all underground. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and the trees are in spring bloom right now.

You take an elevator down to the lowest level of the hotel and walk along dark rock lines halls dotted with sitting areas, skylights and waterfalls. The spa rooms are off this hall - with names like Juniper, Lavender on the doors. They also have a gift shop and cafe down here. I cannot get into the main area of the spa itself unless I pay the fee for the day. They offer a wide variety of treatments and many people do frequent the spa.

Back up on the upper level there are steps, walkways and terraces winding down to the base of the complex past may waterfalls and another entrance to the spa. I like to walk down but take the elevator up - it is a work-out! On my breaks I sit on the terraces and enjoy the peaceful sound of water rushing over the rocks.

At the lowest level there is a spa entrance as well as a small patio with tables. The main waterfall ends here in a large pool. It is pretty wild to look up and see the roof of the Inn from down here.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Don't forget to visit other Watery Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday participants! The Grove Park has a great web site if you would like to know more.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dogwoods, Redbuds and Hollow Logs

Instead of the blazing oranges and reds of fall, the spring trees have soft pastel hues of light greens, pinks, whites. We have one redbud in the yard but over a dozen dogwoods.

The dogwoods show up like drifts of white snow drops on the hillside against the still bare tree branches.

Our local pileated woodpecker has been making a wood chip pile of this old log. We hear him but never see him hard at work - very sneaky guy!

The tiny wood violets (the yellow ones, I think) and clumps of deep purple ones scatter along the trail up the hillside behind us. I love their deep color and tiny size.

I hope you have enjoyed the visit to my spring yard - do go to Scenic Sunday and Today's Flowers for more lovely scenes. Thanks for stopping by!

Photo Hunt - Covered

The word for today's Photo Hunt is covered - so I chose to show one of the covered bridges in our old neighborhood. This one is private and built to go over the stream to provide access for the Fire Dept. in case of emergencies!

The bridge is no longer there - we lost it in the flood of 2004 after we had 3 hurricanes in a row and the Linville River flooded our neighborhood. ( I guess that can be covered in our word for today also - covered in water!) Each hurricane came one week apart and the land and creeks were so oversaturated that the water had no where to go. The bridge was hauled off and never replaced.

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