Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rumbling Bald, Lake Lure, NC

Not able to get many posts up this week - hubby has the flu and then I came down with a version of it! Hopefully we will both be back on our feet soon - not fun to have the two of us sick at the same time!!!!!

A few weekends ago we had a very warm day in the 60's so I took a drive south from my house to the town of Lake Lure. Looking across the lake from Lake Lure Inn you have a great view of the ridge called Rumbling Bald.

Rumbling Bald Mountain gets its name from a series of strong earthquakes that hit the vicinity between 1874 and 1886. The mountain apparently literally "rumbled" during the quakes, and there has been speculation that the sounds were caused by falling debris within the cave systems in the peak. Many of the local residents at that time fled the area, thinking the peak was going to erupt.

There is a trail up to the ridge top - the sheer rock cliffs are a favorite with rock climbers. The Nature Conservancy now owns part of the ridge but still lets the climbers in to scale the cliffs.

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Riet said...

What beautiful scenes. LOvely. Thank you for your visit.

Rob said...

Enjoyed this considerably – thank you for sharing…
Image & Verse

Old Kitty said...


I'm sorry to hear you and hubby have the flu - I hope you get to rest and take things easy and get better.

What a great story to explain the Rumbling Bald Mountain name.Thank you for sharing - and I like the new Spring banner!

Take care
p.s. thank you for your words of comfort for the loss of my tough ol'girl. Thank you.

nice A said...

Gorgeous photos of the Rumbling Bald ridges. Very scenic.
Thanks for stopping by my post:)

Luna, Luzie and Olli said...

This is a wonderful landscape!Love the blue of the lake.
Get well soon!

Ps: Oh, how fun is that.I have that egg and featherwreath of the former post too. I bought it in a german shop a few years ago.


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