Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Skywatch Friday

I am tired of white wintry photos so here is a sky photo of a rainbow taken a few summers ago up in the High Country in Linville. Just a remnant of the rainbow is visible in the lower left corner. It gives me hope that the world will be green and warm again....sooon!

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Kea said...

It will, really! I've seen crocuses or perhaps snowdrops just starting to peek up in someone's sheltered south-facing garden. Spring's around the corner!

Old Kitty said...


I got looking at the lovely alpaca farm that you visited (I got drawn to the alpaca pic under your rainbow pics! I love alpacas - they're such characters with big beautiful eyes and lashes to die for!) then got drawn reading about Freedom the Eagle with the broken wings. I went to the Sarvey wildlife centre but I couldn't find any updates of Freedom!

Anyway, just to say thank you for introducing me to such lovely stories. Oh and fingers crossed that it'll now be the season for rainbows - please no more chilly winds and ice!

Take care

Catherine said...

I am tired of white as well ~ thank you for sharing your rainbow! :)

lissa said...

nice half rainbow, I think even if there's just a bit blue sky, is still something to enjoy

thanks for your visit

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful rainbow picture, Cheri. We are finally having sunshine here ---and it's gradually getting warmer... I LOVE it. Spring will come!!!! There is HOPE.

Have a great weekend.

Manang Kim said...

Same here, thankfully we warm up here. And I so love your rainbow. Happy weekend!



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