Monday, March 15, 2010

Early Spring Blooms

Our Lenten Roses are up and blooming - soon others flowers will join them

The daffodils are just about to flower but are not quite there yet.You can see the yellow hiding underneath the green.

Hubby Don has been busy building his cold frame to plant his early spring veggies in - all that is left to do is to build up the soil and put together a cover for it. He has broccoli, onions and lettuces all ready to put in it.

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Matty said...

Our daffys just started to come up but haven't flowered yet.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You are almost ahead of us, Cheri... We have a few Crocuses beginning to bloom --but our Daffodils are just getting started...

Love your Lenten Rose... What a perfect name!!!!!

Have a great day.

Old Kitty said...


Are you all ok now from the flu? I hope so! Oh the Lenten Rose looks gorgeous!!!! Daffs are just the best for declaring, "spring is here!" So yay!

GOOD LUCK with your vegetable garden - I look forward to seeing all these yummy veg flourish!

Take care

Sandy said...

Lovely beginnings for spring!

me Ann my camera said...

I remember that as a child my grandfather always grew cucumbers in a cild frame. I have always been fascinated by the memory and would love to use one. We are having new windows installed in a week or so. I could perhaps use the old windows in some sort of fashion similar to a cold frame.I planted yellow tomato seeds today in potting soil. Hopefully in a couple of months time they can be planted outdoors. All the best. Ann


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