Sunday, February 7, 2010

Power Outage!

My world has been snowy and icy this week! It began Thursday evening with snow and had changed to sleet by Friday morning. Late morning it was raining hard and I thought - great, it will warm up and melt the snow. I noticed it was sticking to the trees and then the power went out! We had been through this before so my husband started the generator and we plugged the heater, refrigerator and TV in. Four hours later the power came back on. Yay..we just unplugged it all and bang! Out again and this time for three days! Even with the generator, it was like camping and very stressful on us and the cats. No water was the main issue.

We heard loud cracks and pops coming from the ridge behind our house but at night could not see what was coming down! Luckily nothing hit the house.

You could see the younger trees bending over with the weight of the ice and then snow on them. These are the healthy trees that survive without breaking. The older less supple ones are the ones that break or go over.

It appeared that just our small section of the mountains (higher elevation) got the ice and the rest of our area got rain which melted all the snow. If we drove 5-6 miles down our road, there was no snow, ice or anything on the road, yards. Our road, in contrast, looked like something out of Narnia!

Without the untiring efforts of the electric company and the tree service guys we would have been without power for more days. Boy am I glad I convinced my husband to buy the generator after our last power outage in Dec. 2009!

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Lindz said...

look really nice and white in teh pictures but I guess one can complain for the coldness, must be really really cold there.

Johnny Nutcase said...

beautiful pictures! It does look like Narnia! I went to school in Brevard and loved it there - miss it too! We only had one good snow while I was there but I remember everything was gorgeous. Great post!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cheri, Glad you all had the generator also.. Living where you do, I'm sure you need one. The pictures are beautiful--although I know it wasn't much fun for you all. We had ice also--but nothing like you did.

My hubby (before I knew him) lived in Black Mtn. years ago --and taught at Montreat. What mountain are you on?? He would probably remember.

We had snow last night---but it has now all changed to rain...Yuk...

Take care --and I hope you don't have trouble from these next systems coming through.


Marites said...

gee wow..really looks like from Narnia. Beautiful but it also shows how nature can go to such extremes. I do hope those pops and cracks don't mean much but do take good care. A generator was a very investment indeed. My world entry is here.

fickleinpink said...

having lived in a tropical country all my life, snow is such a romantic notion, but I guess cold is no fun at all! keep warm!

…now a follower!

We all live in a very beautiful world!
Come and visit me sometime!

have a great day!
Red is in the air in Bagiuo City

Tammie Lee said...

you all have been through so much weather! So glad you know how to survive and enjoy as well. Your photos are fantastic to see and truly tell a story.

Jo said...

Oh what extreme weather. I'm sure glad you have a generator. I love your photos too. Very pretty. Thanks for popping over and visiting my blog. I've added myself to yours as a follower.

The Hermit said...

You can store water in gatorade jugs, they don't take up much space and you can store 100 gallons and not even notice it.

Since you already have a generator, you could have a transfer switch installed and run your entire electric service off the generator, although you would have to practice load management and not exceed the capacity of the generator. I use a 5 KW diesel and I can run everything in our house except the washer, dryer, dishwasher, and freezer. I use a low power consumption sunfrost refrigerator.


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