Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines's Day!

This is a very special day in our house - our 18th wedding anniversary, my husband's birthday and Valentine's Day!

We celebrated by going out to diner last night (it is supposed to snow again tonight!) at The Admiral in Asheville with a couple of dear friends. The place is a food lover's restaurant in a dive bar! The decor is clean but not anything to write home about but the food is out of this world. It was a snowy night and the place is dark and cozy - a perfect Valentine's Day. To give you a glimpse of the place - this is dessert - a chocolate torte.

I will go more into detail about the restaurant in another post. I just wanted to take you down memory lane to 18 years ago today.....we were living in SW Florida and decided to get married on Valentine's Day. Since both our families lived in other parts of the country we, being a very unconventional couple, just went ahead and did it without telling anyone. In Florida, at the time, all you needed to do to get married was to have your marriage license notarized. Since it was a busy day at the courthouse, we found a realtor in town who would do it. We lived a block up the street so we got "married" at the real estate office, had breakfast at one of our favorite places and headed to the Everglades for a day of hiking and birdwatching. Not everyone's idea of a perfect wedding day but it was ours!

Where our wedding took place! It is a funky old building within walking distance to our house. My husband posed inthe banyan tree across the stree and at the end of our street.

Our wedding photo. We wore hiking clothes so we could head off to the Everglades after breakfast. Our neighbors bought white roses for flowers and took us to breakfast. We like to celebrate our special holidays by either going for a hike or going out to eat (if you can't tell by now we are foodies). We never tired of visiitng the Everglades while living in Florida!

We visited one of our favorite photography studios in the Everglades - Clyde Butcher who is a modern Florida Ansel Adams capturing breathtaking larger than life black and white photos of the natural surroundings in the Everglades. We have a couple of his photos in our house to remind us of a very special day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. May your day be special whatever you do! For more Scenic Sunday posts visit here.


LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

Beautiful array of shots you have there! That tree being stood in is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing them. Beautiful cake by the way. :)

eileeninmd said...

Great set of photo, I love the big tree. How cool to go to the Everglades. The cake looks YUMMY!

Naturegirl said...

What a day of Celebrating going on in your home today!!Congratulations!
Wishing you the sweetest day with your sweetheart today tomorrow and always!
I find the banyan tree facinating..the roots spread out forever!
That's quite a truckload of snow you have!
I'm sure by watching the can see how much rain we are getting here.

grammie said...

I loved the story. Thanks for sharing.
Don't let anyone talk about the way you got married. To each their own. Certainly a lot less fuss for sure.
Enjoy your day and I hope it doesn't snow to much.

Madi and Mom said...

What an excellent day and way to get married...your WAY!!! I so enjoyed your post...I know you two are enjoying a beautiful day in the NC far as we are concerned any day in the NC mtns. is a good day, rain, shine, sleet or snow.....the NC mtns are a place of peace and tranquaility.
Our best,
Madi and Mom

Catherine said...

What a sweet post! And great pictures ~ though that yummy looking dessert is making me very hungry! I think I better go have a carrot stick... :)

Pop and Ice said...

How sweet you two looked! And I think the simpler, the better.

Kea said...

Belated happy anniversary and happy birthday!

I'm following Cats of the Wildcats Woods, but just found this blog--nature/photography/hiking--ah, I'm in heaven. A blog after my own heart! My own Musings on a Small life is given over mostly to my snapshot-taking on walks in local conservation areas or even just around town. So I'm delighted to find this one!

BTW, I have a co-worker, who for her honeymoon, ran the Rideau Trail between Ottawa and Kingston. She and her hubby are trail racers/snowshoe racers/former marathon runners. And anyone who gets married in hiking clothes gets full marks in my books. LOL.


*Ulrike* said...

Hi there! Just found your blog today, and since I have family in WNC was interested in seeing your photos. Hope that you and your hubby had a wonderful day yesterday! It sounds like the two of you had a wonderful honeymoon, and hey, the less fuss, money, etc. is pretty good. I'd rather do more on the honeymoon than on everything else!

Denise said...

I enjoyed your post and would like to wish you both a Happy Anniversary :) Loved all the photos and a lovely one of you and hubby. I can't think of a better way to celebrate your wedding than walking in the Everglades. We went there a few years back and look forward to going again one day.

Appalachian Lady said...

This is great--my husband and I got married in the county courthouse and hiked also. I love the pictures! Happy Anniversary and Valentine's Day to you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cheri, I almost missed this post... We were out-of-town--and I'm having a hard time catching up.

Congrats on getting married on Valentine's Day 18 yrs. ago --and a Happy Birthday to hubby. What a special day in your lives.

Your dinner in Asheville sounded wonderful...

Hope you have had a good week.


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