Tuesday, February 2, 2010

French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Asheville

If you are a serious chocolate lover like I am this is the place to be. It opened a few years ago in downtown Asheville and is as they say "a sacred place for chocophiles." Located on South Lexington off Patton and around the corner from Salsa's, the lounge boasts soft comfy chairs and sofas, intimate tables, relaxing music and even free wireless for those inclined - you can spend a lot of time here soaking in the atmosphere and the delicious sweets.

I go for the liquid truffles - 3 ounces of hot sipping chocolate or a decadent liquefied version of their incredible truffles - literally pure bliss. A cup of hot cocoa doesn't even come close to this treat.

Set up as a self serve counter, you make your choice (if you can) from all the handmade artisian chocolates, truffles, pastries, pay the cashier and find a seat. The local couple who run and own the lounge goes to extreme measures to use local ingredients in the food and with the food. The beer(yes, beer goes very well with chocolate) is from Pisgah Brewing Company, the organic coffee from Counter Culture Coffee, Ultimate Ice Cream provides the cold treat and the wine, herbs, teas, garnishes, flowers, honey etc. are all local! They also carry a small assortment of the better chocolate bars from all over the globe - you won't find a selection like this just anywhere.

They ship so check out French Broad Chocolates for more info and if you are ever in the area -do visit! You will love it even if you are not that into chocolate!

For more local places to learn about from all over the world, visit My World Tuesday!


Sylvia K said...

Now that is definitely my kind of place!! I would be in serious trouble if I lived too close! What a delightful post and great photos! Thanks for the temptation, my chocolate muse is calling! Have a great week!


Catherine said...

Oh my gosh ~ I am so lucky I do not live by this chocolate lounge! I would be spending all my money and all my time there.

This was a fun post ~ except now I have a horrible chocolate craving! :)

Jo said...

Mmmn, what a choice. We had chocolatier in Conackry, West Africa and I loved to visit there. Would have to fly home to camp (two hour trip) with chocolates on ice to prevent spoiling. I loved the film "Chocalat" I could almost smell the warm smell of chocolate in your post here.

Webster said...

I'm very lucky to be about 2500 miles away from that place. I mean it. Very lucky.

*Ulrike* said...

The next time we head to Asheville I will definitely need to check this place out!!!


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