Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunny Hiking Day

After several rainy stormy days we finally got a nice warm sunny one - perfect for hiking our land and taking note of what was blooming.

The trees have all leafed out and the rhododendrons are blooming - huge tree sized bushes of deep fuchsia blooms.

Irises and lily of the vally dot the retaining wall bed and the slope in front of the house.

My husband and I hiked up the east side of our property up to the ridge and across the back northern edge. We spotted a couple of flame azaleas. The dogwoods are past peak but a few blossoms hang on.

The fall leaf carpet is turning green underfoot with buttercups and small wildflowers. So far no new trees have gone down in the storms - we sold a few downed ones to friends who do wood working projects - Don poses next to one large oak that went down and was reused.

A quiet restful day exploring - we don't seem to get many of those anymore.


April said...

What a beautiful place you have. It's so lovely with the sun coming through the trees. Azaleas in the forest, WOW! The oak looks massive - we don't have the hardwoods as much here. Are the rhododendrons native to that region as well? I'm glad you found time for your hike.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a beautiful place to hike. We're still having intermittent storms so we dare not wander too far. Good news is that we are officially out of the "drought" category and listed as "abnormally dry." It's wonderful to see the streams flowing fuller again.

JD and Max said...

Oh wow - what an amazing place to hike! Fantastic photos - we'd LOVE to go for one of our walks there, sigh.....!

Joy said...

Lovely blooms!

i beati said...

I'm so glad you shared the land i miss so much this time of year!!!

jabblog said...

Gorgeous photographs! What a lovely place to live.


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