Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rolling Pasture

Folks are surprised how much land is still farmed just outside Asheville. In years past there were many more farms but the they are thriving now with people requesting more homegrown and locally grown produce. Our area farms have plenty to offer whether it is milk, organic meat or produce.

On my way home each day I go by these beautiful rolling hills with the mountains rising behind them. With all the rains we have had the pastures are lush and green. Even the mountain peaks have leafed out. The cows on this farm are usually out sunning and grazing. I love the peaceful serenity especially after a frazzled work day!

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Scenic Sunday


April said...

Beautiful scenery where you are! Gorgeous at this time of year.

The deer you were asking about were browsing in a field when we were out for a drive. This is not unusual - there's a field across from us where we sometimes see them too. The mule deer, especially, will often stop and look at us before they run off.

NCmountainwoman said...

I love seeing the farm land. Lots of our farmers are putting the land in conservation which is such a wonderful thing. They get money, but they (and their descendants) can continue to work the farm.


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