Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Unfolds!

I found an Aztec song that is perfect for this time of year - all the flowers are blooming. When one kind stops another takes it's place. Our acreage is just ablaze with color from the red buds, azalea, peonies (or as my neighbors say pee-ownies)dogwoods, phlox. The trees are leafing out in various shades of green - pale green, yellow green, emerald green - all new and vibrant. Enjoy the photos and song!

I offer flowers. I sow flower seeds. I plant flowers. I assemble flowers. I pick flowers. I pick different flowers. I remove flowers. I seek flowers. I offer flowers. I arrange flowers. I thread a flower. I string flowers. I make flowers. I form them to be extending, uneven, rounded, round bouquets of flowers.

I make a flower necklace, a flower garland, a paper of flowers, a bouquet, a flower shield, hand flowers. I thread them. I string them. I provide them with grass. I provide them with leaves. I make a pendant of them. I smell something. I smell them. I cause one to smell something. I cause him to smell. I offer flowers to one. I offer him flowers. I provide him with flowers. I provide one with flowers. I provide one with a flower necklace. I provide him with a flower necklace. I place a garland on one. I provide him with a garland. I clothe one in flowers. I cover him in flowers. I love him with flowers.
------Aztec Song

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NCmountainwoman said...

You are a bit ahead of us. I can hardly wait. Thanks for sharing your spring.


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