Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brevard and White Squirrels

Transylvania County is located just 30 miles southeast of Asheville and a world away. Small towns and waterfalls dot the county. Actually 15 different waterfalls can be found in this county. I have been to many but not all. I will go into detail about them in other posts.

Downtown Brevard is the crossroads between Pisgah National Forest, Dupont State Forest, Gorges State Park, and Bracken Mountain Nature Reserve. These are ideal for: hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and climbing.

For 72 years the Brevard has been home to the world-renowned Brevard Music Center. Downtown Brevard is also home to The Porter Center of Performing Arts (Brevard College) and the Transylvania Community Arts Council, which both bring diverse programs, concerts, and exhibits to this mountain community. The Heart of Brevard has teamed together with Transylvania Arts Promotion (TAP), in order to produce The Arts Directory of Transylvania County.

Brevard is also famous for its white squirrels. They are really white and have dark eyes so are not albino squirrels. Apparently in 1949, so the story goes, a carnival truck overturned in Madison Florida freeing several white squirrels. A pair was caught and given to a family member who lived in Brevard. One squirrel escaped soon after and the other was released to join his buddy. They began to multiply and thrive. Don't be surprised to see them playing in the trees on the campus of Brevard College or in backyards around town. Brevard is a sanctuary for the white squirrels and they are protected by a city ordinance.

Four annual street festivals capture this hometown feeling: White Squirrel Festival, Fourth of July Celebration, Halloweenfest, and Twilight Tour. Other special events include: Annual Squirrel Box Derby, Old Time Music Competition, Valentine Get-Away Weekend, and Main Street Alive. They’re just a part of why people visit City of Brevard, Land of Waterfalls, Transylvania County.


NCmountainwoman said...

I have enjoyed the posts about my little town. We love Asheville where my husband was born and raised, but we also love our little world away from Asheville. Nice photographs.

April said...

That's an fascinating story about the white squirrels. Wonderful photos too.


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