Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tod's Tasties, Asheville

I had been hearing about a restaurant on Monford Ave. for a while but never got over there. My husband and I stopped in recently for a quick lunch while doing errands.

Tod's is tiny and located on the left side of the street just past the Chamber of Commerce on Montford. You can't miss the red roof! When you go in, the front has an enclosed porch for outside dining in season and the kitchen/ordering station is just inside the door on the left.

Tod's is known for everything being hand made in house - breads, buns, biscuits, bagels and pasties using NC produced organic flours. Produce is sourced locally when possible. Coffee is free trade coffee and they carry local microbrews on tap. Pretty amazing considering the size of the place!

It is self serve - ordering at front and getting the food brought to you. Beverages, silverware and napkins are on the upper level. Seating is at a bar overlooking the front or at tables below on a lower level. The place is well organized, clean and the staff efficient and friendly.

I ordered the Tuna Melt on homemade wheat bread and my husband got Tod's special sandwich with cappicola, salami, Dijon mustard, Swiss on challah bread. Both of us were very happy with our meals. The bread was fantastic and fresh. We got a side order of Tater tots, my favorite. Nicely done, light and crisp.

This would be great place to come for breakfast considering they make it all themselves. (Note to self to come back.)

Tod's is open from 7:30am until 9pm. Call ahead for the dinner menu as it changes weekly. Breakfast is served until 11:30, lunch from 11:30 on. Prices range from $1.95for a bagel to $13.00 for a dinner entree. Most sandwiches run about $5-6.00. Located at 102 Montford - for more info call 828.505.3701.

Stop by and see what fresh food is for yourself!

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