Monday, December 15, 2008

Book Review: Asheville Mountain Majesty by Lou Harshaw

It is a cool rainy day in the mountains - a good day to sit near a warm fire and read a good book. I bought this book for my husband last Christmas and started it a few months ago.

It reads more like a history book - full of facts and photos of the origins of this eclectic mountain city. Harshaw literally begins with the earliest geological data of this western most region of North Carolina, the first settlers and then continues through each period of history.

As a newcomer to this area, I find the book most interesting. The photos give me a better idea of what this place was like as it was founded, progressing up to this date. The prominent residents are featured as the history unfolds during each decade.

It may be a little dry reading for some but it does depict the local history of a town very well.

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