Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bon Hiver - First Snow!

We had our first snow last week - a bit early for this area but wonderful. It was a mild day with light wet snow falling - just perfect to walk and take photos.

The titmouse was at the feeder and the nuthatches too. Our raccoon may have been there as the birdbath was full of dirty water and the ground feeder tipped over. It was not snowing when I woke up but the ground was covered with a light dusting. I went out to feed the cats in the shelter and it began to snow again. I got them all settled in and went back to the house for my camera.

We live on 8 acres of woods going up to the ridge line facing south. It is a narrow valley with the creek flowing next to the road and the land goes up steeply on either side. Our house sits at the lower level of the land, about 100 feet above the road and the property rises to the ridge behind us. A good Feng Shui setting!

I usually walk up to the big oak with the burl around its middle and sit. This give me a great view of the woods, the birds and creatures. Today the birds were fluttering big time - juncos, more titmouse and a few squirrels too.

As I walked up the trial the wind picked up and the snow fell off the branches above me showering me in wet flakes. It was so peaceful and beautiful. A true gift for that day. I sat under my tree for quite a while before the sun broke through the clouds. I knew the snow would be ending soon - it was just a brief but lovely snow event.

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