Friday, October 10, 2008

Hiking Flat Rock near Linville

From the Blue Ridge Parkway there are many many short hikes with great views that are easily accessible for beginners. My favorite is the Flat Rock Trail. If you access the Parkway via 221 in Linville and head south it will be on your right with a small parking lot and picnic tables.
It is a 20-30 minute loop hike through forest to a rock outcropping overlooking Grandfather Mountain and the town of Linville. On warm sunny days, I like to take a picnic lunch with me and eat it on the rocks.
Once you get to the outcroppings, look to your left and you can find a quiet place to stop off the path.
The way down is a little less obvious but just follow the arrows through the brush and it will open up to forest again meeting the trail back to the parking lot.

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