Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crossnore Weavers: A Working Museum

This attraction continues a tradition for The Crossnore School begun by founder Mary Martin Sloop in 1820. "Our aim, " Sloop wrote in an early catalog, "--to keep alive an almost forgotten art: to cherish in the young people of the mountains a reverence for this art; to provide a means of livelihood and pleasure for the women and girls; to furnish homes with beautiful and lasting material." Her efforts provides unprecedented job opportunities for women of the isolated, impoverished mountain communities as well as a tangible means of supporting and sustaining the growing school and children's, home.

Today weavers taught by early Weaving Program staff still practice their art on antique looms as they welcome visitors to The Crossnore School. This on-site museum details the history of weaving at the school and pays tribute to the weavers who helped craft it. All proceeds from the sale of handwoven goods benefit the children of The Crossnore School, a private non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide hope and healing for children from families in crises. Each year approximately 250 of North Carolina's abused, abandoned and neglected children cal the school their home.

The gift shop offers a variety of items handwoven at the school - scarves, shawls,place mats, napkins, throw pillows,baby items including breathtaking christening gowns as well as books, tapes, Cd's and pottery and other gift items.

Directions to the Crossnore School: From Hwy 221 look for sign that reads Town of Crossnore _ Home of Crossnore School Inc., turn onto E. Crossnore Drive, travel 0.3 miles. turn right on D.A.R. Drive. The Weaving Museum is behind the Blair Fraley Sales Store. For more information call828.733.4660 or check out

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