Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Snow - 2/12/14

Sherrill's Inn on Rte 74A
We got hammered  with snow - more than we had in a long time.  Monday we got an unexpected 2" of heavy wet snow.  We took a drive when the roads were clear to get supplies before the next storm arrived.  The snow was still stick to the trees and everything looked magical.  We drove on 74A over the ridge to Gerton and  down the other side, up 9 to Montreat,

Our car

 Then Wednesday the storm Pax hit leaving 9"! The county plowed our road on Thursday but we had to shovel the driveway ourselves.  It wasn't until Friday that we could get out and got to town.

Our driveway
Poor boxwood crushed under the snow
I hope everyone is shoveled out and that spring will bring some sun and mild temps soon.  We will be 60 degrees today - whoot whoot!


Kea said...

It looks so pretty in photos, but oh, I'm so sick of it. We've had more snow this AM and more off and on today, which figures, as Nicki goes back to his regular vet this aft.

Please send some of those 60 degree temps our way...Anything above freezing would be so welcome right now!

Appalachian Lady said...

Great photos--glad your road got plowed right away. Ours didn't until Friday but that was OK by me since I did not need to get out.

NCmountainwoman said...

Lots of snow here but the roads are clear and the snow is melting fast with our mild temperatures. Predictions for rain this weekend will surely cause flash flooding.


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