Sunday, June 30, 2013

Micro Brewery Tour

While in Brevard for a doctor appointment, we stopped by this new micro brewery that opened.  They have a main plant in CO and this one will be their East Coast distribution site.  They offer tours and tastings!  Loved the name of this one beer and had to take a pic of the sign.  I tweaked the pic a little to make the silver stand out on the kegs int he rear and the yellow pop more on the sign.  Good beer too!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Taking a break from attacks on my feeder, this guy just spread himself out on the railing and lounged.  Couldn't resist this shot!

Friday, June 28, 2013


Day two of my 365 project.  I saw the tiny green bu on my bee balm and tried to trick him so that I could get his picture.  Who would have thought a tiny creature like this would try to avoid me?  he would hide under a leaf or run around to the other side of the flower.  To see him better  bignify the photo!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Photo a Day

Only's eyes

I just joined a photography group online called 365project and will be posting a photo a day.  I felt it was a good way to get feedback from people in that group who had experience and a strong interest in photography and will hopefully learn something too.

I changed some settings on my Canon EOS to make it less light.  I hope it helps.  Close ups come out fine but landscapes tend to be too light - a problems lots of people find with this camera.

I am still green when it comes to using my camera and this will inspire me to try more things with it.  So I will be posting my photo a day here - one day late.  And any other events etc that happen to come up or catch my fancy.  Hope you tag along or even join in!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Mom and Dad

My dad passed of pancreatic cancer 33 years ago but I still miss him and think of him daily.  He loved learning and read voraciously, even my textbooks from college while I was away at school.  He taught me  to love and respect animals - talking to me about all the back yard critters as I grew up.

Dad with Elsie - she belonged to a friend's parents.

He was kind, caring, an incredible mechanic and handy man, open hearted and accepting of all people.  I could go on and on about his wonderful qualities.  The one thing that I recall about him that touches me the most is that every summer while our deep red rose bush bloomed next to the house, he would pick a bud and set in on my dresser in a lovely glass vase.  For the whole summer, I would have a single red rose  filling my bedroom with such fragrance and color.

Now, when I see or smell roses, I think of him.  I have a pink rose in my yard now and do the same thing in memory of  Dad - keep one in a vase in my room for as long  as the blooms last.

Wishing all the fathers out there in all species a wonderful Father's Day - if you are lucky to have a  great dad, you truly have a treasure.  Cherish him!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Morganton Labyrinth - Grace Episcopal Church

Normally my life is work, the cats and home but this month was a very social one for me.  I have neglected this blog but now I do have things to post from being so busy.

I went to visit a friend in Morganton - about an hour away in the foothills.  Deb took me to a lovely labyrinth at the Grace Episcopal Church.  It is a 15 circuit one done in brick and slate - very unusual and easy to walk. 

I am a labyrinth freak and find them in all sorts of places.  This one was a new one for me and I enjoyed it.  Some have very strong energy and others are more subtle.  I felt light hearted and carefree walking this one - perhaps because the minister's dogs were nearby. To locate any labyrinths near you check this link out.

It sits behind a historic church built in 1845 with a fascinating cemetery  on the church ground like they used to do back then.

I always notice what animals are around when I walk a labyrinth and on this day dogs abounded. From the beagle next door who howled the whole time to the minister's three dogs out for a walk.  Dogs represent loyalty, communication, companionship and even a bridge between this life and the next.  Very appropiate being by this cemetery.  For more insight into dogs as totems - try this link.


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