Thursday, June 27, 2013

Photo a Day

Only's eyes

I just joined a photography group online called 365project and will be posting a photo a day.  I felt it was a good way to get feedback from people in that group who had experience and a strong interest in photography and will hopefully learn something too.

I changed some settings on my Canon EOS to make it less light.  I hope it helps.  Close ups come out fine but landscapes tend to be too light - a problems lots of people find with this camera.

I am still green when it comes to using my camera and this will inspire me to try more things with it.  So I will be posting my photo a day here - one day late.  And any other events etc that happen to come up or catch my fancy.  Hope you tag along or even join in!

1 comment:

Kea said...

What a great project! I'm looking forward to seeing what you post. :-)


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