Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Mom and Dad

My dad passed of pancreatic cancer 33 years ago but I still miss him and think of him daily.  He loved learning and read voraciously, even my textbooks from college while I was away at school.  He taught me  to love and respect animals - talking to me about all the back yard critters as I grew up.

Dad with Elsie - she belonged to a friend's parents.

He was kind, caring, an incredible mechanic and handy man, open hearted and accepting of all people.  I could go on and on about his wonderful qualities.  The one thing that I recall about him that touches me the most is that every summer while our deep red rose bush bloomed next to the house, he would pick a bud and set in on my dresser in a lovely glass vase.  For the whole summer, I would have a single red rose  filling my bedroom with such fragrance and color.

Now, when I see or smell roses, I think of him.  I have a pink rose in my yard now and do the same thing in memory of  Dad - keep one in a vase in my room for as long  as the blooms last.

Wishing all the fathers out there in all species a wonderful Father's Day - if you are lucky to have a  great dad, you truly have a treasure.  Cherish him!

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