Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Morganton Labyrinth - Grace Episcopal Church

Normally my life is work, the cats and home but this month was a very social one for me.  I have neglected this blog but now I do have things to post from being so busy.

I went to visit a friend in Morganton - about an hour away in the foothills.  Deb took me to a lovely labyrinth at the Grace Episcopal Church.  It is a 15 circuit one done in brick and slate - very unusual and easy to walk. 

I am a labyrinth freak and find them in all sorts of places.  This one was a new one for me and I enjoyed it.  Some have very strong energy and others are more subtle.  I felt light hearted and carefree walking this one - perhaps because the minister's dogs were nearby. To locate any labyrinths near you check this link out.

It sits behind a historic church built in 1845 with a fascinating cemetery  on the church ground like they used to do back then.

I always notice what animals are around when I walk a labyrinth and on this day dogs abounded. From the beagle next door who howled the whole time to the minister's three dogs out for a walk.  Dogs represent loyalty, communication, companionship and even a bridge between this life and the next.  Very appropiate being by this cemetery.  For more insight into dogs as totems - try this link.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Wow, that's just fantastic! I don't think there are any labyrinths around here, none that I've ever come across. I'm doubly impressed it's associated with a Christian church, I suppose because I think (perhaps incorrectly) of labyrinths as more Pagan and/or spiritual in nature.

Roslyn Phipps said...

Imagine my surprise when I pulled up blogger this morning and see a picture and my town's name. The labyrinth is an extremely neat feature and I am glad you found it. My most memorable time walking it was during the Ghost Walk the town puts on at Halloween. We covered many sites and walking through the old graveyard and around the labyrinth definitely had an eerie feeling that night.

Lui said...

Hi Cheri, for some strange reason your posts updated in my dashboard only today ;( but I love your father's day musing and this one about the labyrinth.

Yes I think it is a pagan practice but then so are most of christian traditions anyway ;-)


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