Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ice Storm, Loss and Kitty Transport

I have not posted in a few weeks and a lot has happened.  We got our one and only winter storm on February 26 and it was an ice storm.  Freezing rain and high winds knocked out our power from dawn until late evening. Downed trees blocked our road, making it impossible to get out at times.  Thankfully the Fire Dept was constantly clearing the roads of trees and debris so that the electric company could come thru and make repairs.  We had high hopes of the power being back on in a few hours until a line went down across the road in front of the house. That never did get repaired until late evening.

We do have a generator to power our lights and heat but still no water or power to the stove to cook. The hot plate was our stove for the day.

Chica a couple of days before she passed.

All while this was going on our dear senior cat Chica was coughing off and on. She had lost weight and I knew that this was not a fur ball but we could not get out to go anywhere that day.  When we got her to the vet a day later, her chest was full of fluid and they had to drain it.  I was not ready for this.  She was doing well and stable after seven years of chronic renal failure. But it looked like either her heart was failing or perhaps a cancer of some sort  - I have heard lymphoma can cause fluid to develop.  She had one more good day and was up walking about the house and seemed to enjoy being with us.  Then she began to go downhill rapidly.  We took her to the vet and she passed in our arms on my birthday March 3 after 22 years of life with us.

Life goes on, I guess and not having to care for her has given us the opportunity to help transport three black kittens from a high kill shelter to a foster home on Saturday.  We will pick up Peeps, Jellybean and Cadbury
and drive them to Knoxville TN where someone will overnight them, heading off in the morning to the next stop.  This is my first transport and I am looking forward to it. What a great way to spend my day off.  Last year I was able to help  transport a cat with FIV in SC to a no kill shelter in Asheville where he got adopted.  Stuff like this does my heart good.




I will let you know how the transport goes. Keep all the cats in your thoughts that it all goes well.


Brian said...

Thanks for helping those little ones get home. Yuck on the ice storms, I hope they are gone for another year.

Kea said...

Look at those sweet babies. :-)

I'd like to think that Chica is pleased about the transport. That her spirit is helping new little ones on the road to their eventual forever homes.

The ice storm photos are so pretty...and of course so dangerous. As much as I detest snow, I'd rather have that. Of course, I'd rather skip winter altogether. We had snow today and the long term forecast is for significant snowfall early next week. I hope that changes to rain, or just passes us by altogether. After the winter we've had, I'm so ready for Spring!

Lui said...

Belated HAppy Bday, Cheri. Mine was last Feb.28 ;-) Sometimes, when things are not always right with our world, it helps to stand back, focus our attention somewhere else, lend a hand, share, laugh, cry, and someday you can look back with kind eyes.

You are doing great and had a great attitude than most people.

I share your grief with Chica. After all, my own Sweepy is turning 11yo on Monday ;-)

Old Kitty said...

Oh what a few weeks you've had! :-(

Such weather, no power, little water and then the worst ever with dearest Chica!

We hope the weather calms down and you get all your power and water restored. We know angel Chica is watching over you all now and will keep you safe.

Awww Peeps, Cadbury and Jellybean!! They are beautiful! Thank you for taking them to a safe place! Take care

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Sorry for your loss. I see in the next post the kittens are on their way. So good that you can do that. The ice is beautiful but so damaging. You live in a very beautiful corner of the world which has it's own challenges I see. I'm sure it's worth the few days of inconvenience though.


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