Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pat's and More on Kitty Transport

Our Sweetpea wishes you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day!  The kitten transport to Knoxville went well - they arrived safely and will be on their way to IL today to a safe place and loving home.  The drive for us was thru the Smokey Mountains - scary curves going 60 mph - not a drive for anyone to take.  We are used to mountain driving so it was fun.

The kitten - Peeps, Cadbury and Jellybean did very well on the ride.  Two slept most of the way and one little girl sat up and talked the whole way, putting her nose up to the door of the cage and wanting attention.

This area of I-40 is known for its rock slides.  In fact last year the road was closed for many months due to a huge rock slide midway through the gap.  Now they have barriers and metal netting over the rocks to prevent that from happening again as this is a major corridor through the mountains.

If you look closely you can see the metal mesh on the rocks.
The Pidgeon River runs along the road here and is great for white water rafting with many spots set up to rent rafts and kayaks.

We met the next leg of the kitty transport on the other side of Knoxville and handed them over to go on to Chattanooga.  The main leg of this run came up from FL and ran about two hours over due to road construction in GA.  We had the easy part of this transport.  They all left Chattanooga this morning to head to the final destination in IL.

We will share some pics of Knoxville in our next post.  We stopped for lunch and roamed the downtown area for a bit to relax before heading back to Asheville.

It was a pleasure to participate in this even - to help homeless animals is my passion.  If you want to get involved in something like this - stop by Your Daily Cute blog and sign up.  The can use people all over the country.  I believe the next run is from FL to Maine.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Well done, Cheri! It's been decades since I've been a passenger in a car doing 60 mph through winding mountain roads--used to be very common, going from Gaspé to Montreal via Murdochville. It was 60 miles of nothing but a two-lane mountainous road. I think I'd white-knuckle it the whole way now, if I had to do it. LOL.

Anyway, purrs from the boys to the sweet kittens!

Loretta Thomas said...

Those curves look tricky...good driving! Purrs, Kitty

Appalachian Lady said...

The only rides my cats get are when they get their shots at the vet.
Happy St. Pat's Day to you.

Lui said...

Oh bless your kind soul!
I always stop when I see animals abused which delays my trips. But I can't transport rescues since I don't drive anymore.

I donate though ;-)

Prancer Pie said...

What a great trip. We are so glad they are on their way to their new home. Happy St. Patrick's Sunday. xoxo

Timmy Tomcat said...

Thanks for stepping up and doing a wonderful part in getting those in need to a new home!


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