Sunday, February 17, 2013

This and That...

No earth shattering news from the mountains.  Our daffodils are up and some are in bloom, weeks early.  We have had just dustings of snow so far so I am sure they think it is spring.

I took part in the Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend but with sustained winds of 20-30mph it was hard for them to hang on to the feeder perches!  I saw some titmice, chickadees and an assortment of nuthatches, wrens and sparrows.

Valentine's Day was our 21st anniversary and my husband's birthday.  We treated ourselves to lunch and then to a visit to the local Nature Center.  I believe that wild animals deserved to be left in the wild but for educational purposes, zoos do provide people with an opportunity to see the fellow creatures of the planet. For a small zoo, this one was well kept, clean and the animals had outdoor natural habitats.  These animals were born into captivity and they looked well fed and healthy.  They are a member of the AZA - with high standards in animal care. This center only has native animals like this beautiful wolf, foxes, bobcats and river otters etc.  The black bears were still in hibernation but we enjoyed the visit nonetheless.

The bobcat was well hidden in his hammock

I have to say that I am ready for spring.  How about you?


eileeninmd said...

Happy Anniversary! It is hard to count the birds on a windy day. The nature center are great and a wonderful source for educational purposes. I am ready for Spring! Have a great evening and a happy week ahead!

Fuzzy Tales said...

I'll take the daffodils! :-)

Minus 25 Celsius windchill here today, absolutely freezing. However, I toddled off to the City's greenhouse this aft, and reveled in the spring blooms on display.

I'm glad you and your hubby had a lovely Valentine's/anniversary.

Loretta Thomas said...

Didn't make it with the count... too much wind! Wow...I love daffs! I need to go to my old house to check on mine.
I do love your know!

Hugs & Purrs,
Kitty & Mum

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your hubby. Wind is hard on birds and birders! Ready for flowers!

Old Kitty said...

Yes please to spring!!!

Happy 21st anniversary and and happy birthday to your hubby!!

Take care

Carolinaman said...

The daffodil just reminds me how warm our weather has gotten over the years. I must say that having grown up in Miami, I can't get enough winter, and watching the two hour snowfall on Saturday was sheer heaven for me. This morning it was 19, and I walked two miles, listening to the birds and watching the jet contrails overhead. My feeder on Saturday was very active with cardinals and blue jays, sparrows, chickidees,doves, crows, titmouse, and even a woodpecker. They seemed to love the snow! Check out my latest video on my blog.


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