Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Drive to Hickory Nut Falls

Another day of showers but the temps were downright balmy - in the upper 60s and perfect for a drive.  I finally took down my Christmas tree yesterday and drove the boxes to our storage unit. From there it is a  short but spectacular drive through Hickory Nut Gorge down through Bat Cave and to the tiny village of Chimney Rock. With camera in hand and the radio on I descended the 1800 feet down into the gorge along twisty winding Route 9.  This is one of my favorite drives.

I enjoyed the fact that it was a quiet day with very little traffic. The Rocky Broad River tumbles down the gorge shewn with boulders into Lake Lure a the bottom.  I stopped a couple of times to shoot the river which is always changing with the seasons.

I pulled into a small campground at the base of Hickory Nut Falls.  Without going into the state park, this was as close as I was going to get.  There had been plenty of rain recently so the 404 foot falls was quite visible.

Sitting here, listening to the rushing water, relaxes me.  Water has always been my place of calm - whether it is a river, waterfall or lake.  Even though I grew up in a large New England city, I did live on the shores of a lake.  To stay sane, I have to have my water. Here in North Carolina, I am fortunate to live close by to so many water sources and find that a short spell sitting next to a river will keep me going for days!

Where in nature do you go to restore?


Old Kitty said...

I'm loving the names! Hickory Nut Falls, Bat Cave (Bat Cave?!?! Yay!!), Chimney Rock (Vilmaaaaaaa! LOL!) and Rocky Broad River! Brilliant!

And aren't they all just gorgeous. The sound of rushing water is lovely. I'm happy when I see a nice bloom on a bush or a plant or a tree along my way to work or hear birdsong! That relaxes me! Take care

Fuzzy Tales said...

The landscape reminds me of growing up in Gaspé, Quebec. We were fortunate to be mere miles from the ocean and to have lakes and rivers, streams, etc. within easy reach. We had only a couple of acres, but behind the barn out back was the swamp, then the York River. I used to wander down there a lot. And there was a little brook I'd visit every Sunday morning during good weather, before service, behind St. Andrew's Church.

So I understand the need for the sound of running water, in whatever form.

For me, though I NEED deciduous trees like I need air to breathe. That's partly why winters are so hard here--the lack of green, no leaves. And partly why it's so hard to be city-bound.

ABBY said...

That is such a beautiful area of the country. Love the Asheville area.

Catherine said...

That would be wonderful to live by so much beautiful water! Very relaxing indeed!
xo Catherine

Joni said...

One of my most favorite drives as well! Thanks for sharing this!

NCmountainwoman said...

Connestee Falls is just outside our neighborhood and I love it. But the place I go to restore is one of our lakes. So peaceful, especially in winter.


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