Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sick Cats, Broccoli and Frost

Had to take a bit of a break to tend to a cat emergency!  Our Snowball had a urinary blockage and spent 3 days at the vet.  He is home and OK for now but we have to overhaul his food and other things to get his weight down and make sure he is feeling much better.  Don't want to go thru this again.  I set up an auction blog to help defray the cost of his bills - check it out and make a bit by Jan 30!

Nothing much new besides that.  A lot of heavy rain last week and then some cold nights lately.  We had broccoli crowns on our plants and had to harvest them or lose them.  Our kale plants are thriving. Some mornings the frost was so thick on the pasture across from us it looked like snow.  The ponies over there seem to be invigorated by the cold, running from one end to the other!  They look cute with their fuzzy coats.

A wintry mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow is descending on us tonight so we will see how things look in the morning!  I am off work for a few days so I can just stay home and watch it go by.  Right now the wind is howling - it is just a loud roar as it bellows through the trees on the ridge.

It being Thankful Thursday today - I am just thankful for a mild winter so far and that our Snowball is home and doing good.  Stay warm and dry!


Kea said...

I'm glad Snowball is doing well. Fingers crossed for him.

Hunker down and stay safe. Do you have a generator for times the power is out? I hope you don't get the expected freezing rain, as that can bring down trees and powers lines. :-/

ABBY said...

Glad Snowball is home and that everything worked out. Hope this weather isn't too hard for you. The pictures are beautiful but I know it can be harsh.

Catherine said...

Poor kitty! It's so upsetting when our furry friends are not feeling good.

I hope your weather gets better!
xo Catherine

Carolinaman said...

A little sleet just before first light here in the low mountains. Very foreboding sky.... Glad Snowball came home. Vann

Loretta Thomas said...

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