Friday, January 4, 2013

I Am Back with a New Format

Happy New Year!

I missed having a blog about my life besides the one with the cats so I am back.  This time I am going to just do my thing and hope that you either participate or at least follow along.  Instead of the travelogue of our area,  I will  use photos, stories and my thoughts to make up the blog. I will try to be interesting and worth your while to visit.

This lovely heron was feeding in a nearby stream. We have one who frequents the creek across the road but this was a bit further away.  What was unusual this time was how close he let me get without being the least bit afraid.  Just very intent on his prey. I had my  animal totems done by a student of Native American ways and she told me herons and hawks are my messenger totems - to be aware of when and where I see them.  Herons are associated with peace, balance in life and connections to the spirit world.

I have been trying to find all of those in my life recently - becoming more of a homebody (altho that could be the cold winter month's calling for hibernation).  My life needs balance physically and emotionally.  I seem to have too much of everything!  And I do wish to find some connection to the spirit world after losing my cat Joey a month ago along with several relatives and friends this year.

So, according to my heron,  my goal for this 2013 is to create peace, balance and a spiritual connection.  Do you have any goals for this new year?

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