Sunday, January 6, 2013

Almost an Emergency


My two dear ancient cats Yoko (19) and Chica (21) get subcutaneous fluids daily. we have found that it works best for us to give them at night before we got to bed.  Last night at about 10 pm, my husband was warming the fluids and the tubing that transfers the fluid from the bag to the needle broke! 

Panic!  Could they make it until morning?  Could we find a replacement on Sunday?  At their age, their health is so fragile, I hate to change their routine at all.  We still had time so  I called one of my vets who is open until 11 pm every day and they had a replacement.  We had an hour to get there before they closed.  Hubby jumped in the car and headed over there - 20 minutes away. 


He came home with the tubing and said they just gave it to him - no charge.  Haw Creek Animal Hospital is a great place for emergencies without the high fees of ER vets.  Plus they have a kind staff who does things like this often. 

We did the fluids and I was able to go to bed knowing my furry kids were fine for one more day.  Hope you are having a peaceful day today too!


eileeninmd said...

I am happy everything worked out and your furbabies are Ok.

Madi and Mom said...

What loving and devoted peeps you are...we know about those fluids as my one of my uncle's kitties thrived for several years after being started on them. Mom actually had to give it to her once when uncle was away.
Hugs madi and mom
we like your new format.


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