Monday, August 29, 2011

Highland Brewing Company

A couple of weeks back my husband and I visited one of our local microbreweries - Highland Brewing Company for some beer and music. The brewery and Tasting Room is located on the old Blue Ridge Films site off Fairview Road.

No food is served but they do have a food truck and/or a catering company on hand to offer a light bite.This day was a Mexican food truck.  The hall is expansive with no frills seating at banquet or picnic tables.  They only serve their own beer  plus a soft drink or two.  Bring your own water or other beverage if you are not drinking beer!

Ping pong tables were set up as you enter the hall. To your right is the beer making room and after that the bar.

The Tasting Room is open Thursdays through Saturday from 4-8pm.  On Friday and Saturday they offer food and music.  The band playing the night we went was from Athens Georgia - the Packway Handle Band - an indie blue grass band with lots of fun songs.  Our favorite song was Earl the Duck you can play some songs on their myspace page - checkout their web page.

All ages are welcome and this young lady shared our table!  Other children were dancing up a storm on the floor in front of the band.

Hope you enjoyed the visit.  To check out Highland Brewing Company's beers, please stop by their web site.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Computer Crash

My computer crashed big time on Sat Aug 20 and is in the shop.  Does not look like an easy fix so we may be off line for a few more days. 

Thank you for stopping by - we will return the visit when we get the computer back!  ( I think I need to invest in a laptop to times like this.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Curate Tapas Bar, Asheville

A new restaurant called Curate, opened in downtown Asheville in the original bus depot building.  Built in 1927, the place was completely refurbished by local artisans. The Chef is Katie Button who trained in Spain with Ferran Adria, owner and Chef of El Bulli, supposedly the best restaurant in the world.

As you may have guessed, it is traditional Spanish tapas or small plates. We went with another couple and ordered a total of 11 dishes of all kinds - meat, seafood, vegetable, appetizer. They offer local and Spanish beer with some cocktails and non alcoholic beverages. I am on a restricted diet and was thrilled to note that the menu listed all items that were gluten free, lactose free, vegan and nut free - helping me make my choices easily.

The kitchen is open so you can sit at the bar and watch as things go down. With four of us, we ate at a table in the long narrow seating area. The Chef came out a couple of times to see if things were to our liking. We told her that we had just seen the episode on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on the Travel Channel about her mentor Ferran Adria and had wanted to try out her place in Asheville.

Pan con tomate  with manchego cheese $6.

We opened with pan con tomate -City Bakery bread with roasted, peeled and seeded tomatoes with added manchego cheese, a sheep's milk cheese. The tomatoes were very fresh tasting and the cheese was a bit like parmesan.

Bocadillo serrano $8.

The bocadillo serrano sandwich was excellent - much like the tomato bread but with jamon serrano, a very expensive ham. The ham definitely made the sandwich.

Chistorra con patatas al acieita de oliva $8.

The gambra al ajillo (sauteed shrimp and sliced garlic) was delicious with the shrimp cooked just right. The aceitunas curate (home cured olives) were a hit with all - a nice variety of  olives.  The chistorra con patatas el aceite de oliva (grilled chorizo with olive oil potato puree) went over well - nicely cooked quality chorizo with just the right amount of potato puree.

Espinacas a la catalana $7.

Since I could not eat everything, I should have asked for my two choices to come out at once. I got my espinicas a la catalana (sauteed spinach, apples, raisins and toasted pine nuts) early on but never got my vieiras con  pimiento del  piquillo maestro julian ( seared scallops with roasted red pepper sauce) until everyone else had finished. We had to ask for my scallop plate.  At this point I was very hungry. Again - my fault for not speaking up.  It was worth the wait - the scallops were cooked to perfection and went well with the sweetness of the red pepper sauce.

Vieiras con pimiento $12.

Overall the food was excellent.  The plates came out of the kitchen spaced well except for my main dish.  There could have been more small plates stacked on the table to use - my husband ended up swallowing a olive pit since we had to reuse the same plates to share the tapas foods.  Most tapas restaurants have a large stack of small plates on each table and keep taking the dirty ones away so you could take a clean plate with each tapas entree.  No one bussed our table until the end.  Our table was cluttered with dirty dishes, leaving no room for the new ones.

Our bill for all this plus two beers and a ginger ale came to about $85.  Not bad.  The tapas plates were generous in portions. You could easily order two plates for a meal and be satisfied.  I would recommend Curates to anyone.  A unique and fun addition to Asheville's dining scene.  Curate is located on Biltmore Avenue downtown, Asheville.  For more info visit Curate.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Double Rainbow

After an early evening thunderstorm, my husband called me outside - there was a double rainbow brilliantly filling the sky!  It had faded a little by the time I went inside for my camera.   I have not seen one so magnificent in a long time.  Bignify for best effect.

Cooling summer rain
Leaves double rainbow behind
Where's the pot of gold?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bele Chere 2011

My apologies for not posting for a while - we had a kitty crisis here with our older cat Chica and that took up most of a week of ehr being hospitalized.  She is home and seems stable for the time being.

Couple decorated their balcony in the tropical theme.

On the last weekend in July our town hosts a huge festival downtown called Bele Chere  for the 33rd year. In spite of the heat  it went on this year as usual.  I attended on Friday the opening day to bea the crowds.  It ran thru Sunday with food, art, music and plenty of entertainment.  The theme this year was tropical - as the local paper called it "Bele Chere" Island!  The name means beautiful living in ancient Scottish dialect but as the paper noted in Island dialect it describes waking dreams of flying with no wings!  Let's fly into the festival via my photos.

The crowd makes for great people watching.

Eclectic street entertainers.

Experimental R&B band The Secret B-Sides

Young entrepreneur on a side street

Plenty of local art for sale...

and local beer.

Ultimate Air Dogs was created by former Detroit Tigers pitcher Milt Wilcox as part of a grass-roots dock jumping club in Michigan.  The goal is to jump the furthest off the platform into the pool   This pup was afraid to jump most tries!

Love the pink on this girl.  She had on a pink bunny back pack too.

When the heat got to cooled off under the misters!

Nashville band The Apache Relay kept the crowd on its feet.

Guitars, mandolin and violin provided foot stomping tunes.

I don't know how they did it in the heat!

This little girl enjoyed the band! Hope you enjoyed the essay.


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