Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Falls, Elk Park

One of my favorite picnic areas is along the Elk River in Elk Park just above Elk River Falls or Big Falls as they are also called..  A few years back there weren't many signs directing folks to the falls so we stopped to ask a local man outside in his garden.  He was happy to give us directions..  He also told us a colorful story of how one tourist just sat outside his home and blew the car horn for someone to come out.  When the local man went out to see what the problem was - the tourists just wanted directions to the falls.  Well, they got directions - a long round about route that sent them all the way around Hump Mountain and no where near the falls!  Our guide roared with laughter at the thought of the rude tourists getting lost in the mountains.  Served them right too.

The picnic tables line one side of the river above the falls and make for a lovely spot to eat.  It is just a short walk down to the falls along the river - not difficult but a bit rugged for some people.

 The falls drop 50-60 feet into a deep cool pool that is filled with swimmers in summer.  They have had fatalities here - someone was swept over the falls this past summer.  The current in the river above the falls is much stronger than it looks.

The river flows down a few more smaller cascades with a path along the river to view them.  After heavy rains, the trails can be a bit washed out and muddy, especially if the river has risen up to them.

View above the falls.
You can go out on the rocks above the falls and view the river as it flows downstream.  Be very careful and stay on the rocks!  For directions visit NC Waterfalls.

Watery Wednesday


deb duty said...

I enjoyed your post! I live in Louisiana but we went to NC for vacation this summer and stayed in a cabin near Jefferson. Because of a blog post I found just before we left, I learned about Elk River Falls and I knew my boys would love it. It's definitely out of the way, but we found the directions with google. It was beautiful. I posted about our visit to the falls in August if you'd like to see. (jumping off at elk river falls)

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! What a beautiful secret waterfall!! Wonderful!! This gorgeous picnic area and fantastic landscape is definitely much too good for that rude tourist!

Glad you had a most wonderful time - thank you for these pics too - lovely! Take care

Barb said...

What a fantastic landscape. Love the stairs down the mountainside to the river. The falls is wonderful.

Andrea said...

lovely mountain and water scenes. I just found myself chasing waterfalls lately and it is really wonderful trying to take photos of different angles. The more i see, the more i still want to see. It is good we also have some lovely falls here!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful place to have a picnic! Lovely!
xo Catherine

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hahaha! Love that local's sense of humour!!! I'll make him an honorary Aussie for that little gem!!

Karen said...

What a pretty little spot!

Gretchen said...

What a lovely place to visit! Love that the locals didn't help the rude tourist... some people!

orbit said...

Those are some beautiful pictures, and the falls look exciting. My mom and dad are hoping to visit the Asheville area sometime in the coming year and would love to head up to check out the park. It looks like exactly the kind of place they like to explore! Thanks for posting!!


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