Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Spring Blooms and Rogue Goats

The weather has been very mild ranging from 72 degrees to mid 50s during the day - I love it. My daffodils and jonquils are opening up with the warm sun.  Even my Lenten Roses have blooms on them.  Spring is here, at least for us.

The flowers are in clumps all over the yard with many more to still come up thanks to a previous owner.  While I was out trying to capture these beauties and balance myself on our hillside, a neighbor rode by on her horse for a late afternoon ride.  I loved the way the sun hit her and cast a shadow on the road.

Hubby is getting ready to start our cool weather garden of lettuces and onions - we hope to have a much bigger garden and harvest this year so we will keep you posted on that project.  Our neighbor's goat escaped his pasture fencing and visited our yard a few times this week munching on early volunteer lettuces and the corn I set out for the squirrels and birds.  He trampled my little cart full of evergreens and corn. Hopefully he will stay out of our garden this year! Check in for more blooms and spring fun!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hiking in Montreat

On a warmish day this week, I drove to the tiny town of Montreat.  It sits at the base of Mount Greybeard of the Black Mountains surrounded by thousands of acres of preserved wilderness.  The town is home for Montreat College and Conference Center.  At the entrance to the town you can pull over, park your car, cross the rustic bridge  and have access to numerous hiking trials.

Today I was more interested in walking along this creek which is fed upstream by Lake Susan. We had some rain recently and the water burbled and splashed over the rocks at a steady pace. It was late afternoon and the sun glistened on the water. The trees were bare except for a few rhododendrons.  In summer this place is very cool and shady.

I love to come here for a short peaceful walk when the weather permits.  I hope you enjoyed the visit with me.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowdrops are up!

 My husband called me while he was out in the yard the other day to come out to see something!  My little patch of snowdrops Galanthus nivalis were up and in bloom!  I didn't plant them - the original owners of our land did but I do look forward to them coming up each year.  I love that they bloom in February when nothing else is up although my daffodils are shooting up green leaves nearby. The lovely snowdrops give me hope that spring is sooner than I think!

They grow on a steep hillside that was wet and muddy when I took these so I apologize for the blur!  I was trying not to roll down into the road! It has been a week of fog, drizzle and clouds but the birds and squirrels don't seem to mind!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunset at the Grove Park Inn

On a cloudy day last week, I noticed the clouds parted just before sunset and let the rays through.  I loved how the mountains were silhouetted in the background fading away into the distance.    The Grove Park Inn is a wonderful place to catch some amazing sunsets with the city of Asheville in the foreground and the Smokey Mountains behind.

For more sky shots visit Skywatch Friday!


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