Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photo Hunt - Colorful

Our town has a wonderful organic farm that sells extra produce via the honor system in this little cart by the side of the road. You pick out what you want to buy - flowers, fruit or vegetables and then leave the money in the tube. It is a very colorful little spot that I pass on my way home.

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YTSL said...

I love that places still exist where the honor system is in place. :)

TorAa said...

I must say I like this way of organizing a sales spot.
It's very charming and open 24/7.

Excellent entry

Greetings from

ancient one said...

Loved that there are still some gardeners that trust the honor system. That little produce stand sure is colorful. Great for the theme!

Old Kitty said...

Awwww it's a lovely little stall!!! I do enjoy the honour system of such stalls when I used to go rambling! It's a lovely system - but none as pretty as this sweet little cart!!! I love it!

Thanks for sharing!

Take care

Odie Langley said...

Cheri I wish it was close enough to check out this morning. A really cute stand and I hope it makes a profit being on the honor system. Have a wonderful weekend.

Charlene said...

I would buy all the sunflowers every day.

noel said...


i like your interpretation of this weeks them, that is a very colorful little stand, self service to boot :)

my colorful interpretation is on my sari blog today, hope you take a look

And Miles To Go... said...

beautiful! I would love to visit there and very colorful.

Marg said...

Gosh, that is terrific and great to get some good vegetables or flowers. And the honor system too. That is just great. Have a good weekend.

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

Lovely! We have a few of these stalls (though nothing as sweet) in our area. I usually stop at the large stand for a local farm to get the things we need rather than going to the (much closer) supermarket. I sure miss them during the winter and hate buying non-local fruit and veg, then.

Appalachian Lady said...

There's a couple of Amish farmers and beekeepers around here who do that. It's nice.

Debbie Smith said...

I just want to buy something from this little stand right now! Awe the simple wonderful things that we just don't have out here in the desert!

Catherine said...

What a great idea ~ and that honesty and trust are still alive and well ~ love it! :)

xo Catherine


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