Friday, August 13, 2010

One Last Garden Tour!

One more set of pictures from the garden tours my friend Emily and I took a few weeks back. This home had a lovely front yard raised vegetable garden along with flower beds with a mulch pathway through.

A wood deck had been added to the entrance with a private spot for sitting under shade trees. There were enormous window boxes attached to the chimney and outside walls.

Around back the owners who were both artists, had converted an old storage shed into two small studios for their art work. To us they could easily have been guest rooms or a small apartment - they looked so cozy and welcoming.

Next to the studios they had built a small patio with a pergola and another bit of greenery and birdbath. It was lovely and very private.

On the way out we stopped by an ancient red oak tree which had a metal plaque on it denoting it as a Precious Tree - one that had stood there for hundreds of years from the size of it. It provided lots of shade for their carport and the side rooms of the cozy bungalow. My friend Emily is showing us how big the tree trunk is!

Hope you enjoyed this last round of photos - soon the fall garden tours will be offered and I am sure to go to some more! I am playing Scenic Sunday and Today's Flowers this weekend so please do stop by the their blogs.


Vernz said...

wow your blog color is the same as your house .. very pretty.... i so love it..

My Scenic Sunday here

Gypsy Lala said...

You have a lovely bright sunshine smile, as beautiful as your flowers.

Old Kitty said...

Hello there!! Is that you infront of that amazing and very spiritual tree??? Glad to meet you!! Hi!! :-)

Awww this garden is so lovely. I can see the care and love put into the making of this very private space. It's beautiful and tranquil and very welcoming. How wonderful! This has been a really eye-opener of a trip to how people view and use their gardens - and it's so lovely to know that they treasure their spaces and make them their own.

Thanks for showing us around! Take care

Odie Langley said...

Good morning Cheri, I never tire of looking at your opening page. It is so pretty. Enjoyed the pictures today and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Olive Cooper said...

Darling garden and deck space. Please not your last one. olive♥

noel said...


what a beautiful views you are showing us today, i loved this garden tour, i want a nice studio like that just for my art :)

my scenic sunday post is on my plant fanatic blog today :)

Jack Kung said...

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chubskulit said...

Beautiful garden you have!

Thistles and butterfly

Lui said...

I agree with Noel. I also wish I have a studio just like that. Mine is any available surface without any animals sleeping on it! ;-)

Luna Miranda said...

i love those window boxes--they definitely add color and character to a house. i like your photo of the tree.:p

LV said...

I truly enjoyed your blog and all the pretty things you shared. That is a great flowers showing. You are a very pretty lady with a happy face. Nice job. So pleased you paid me a visit.

Denise said...

Wonderful tour, and I wish I had a garden like that. Thanks for taking us around.
An English Girl Rambles


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