Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lovely Lilies...

The yard is full to the brim with lilies of all colors and thanks to me and my efforts. The previous owners had a landscaping business and put in so many beautiful plants. I am just enjoying them.

The other morning I noticed this little guy feeding in the yard just under the window. Sorry about the blurred look - trying to shoot through the window but not get the screen.

For more lovely flower shots from all over the world please be sure to visit Today's Flowers. And for Scenic photos visit Scenic Sunday.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Gorgeous liliies!
We bought some Asiatic lilies today, marked down to 2.50 a pot...what a bargain.
Love the colors of yours.

Old Kitty said...

My goodness!! That's brilliant that you're left with these amazing lillies! And all so diverse! Brilliant colours - I love these floral close ups - each flower head is just perfect and very delicate!

Thank you

Denise said...

These are great photos. Such beautiful lilies and a lovely one of the little rabbit. I'm sorry you have had trouble linking with us today at Today's Flowers, but the Linky site is having problems. When I tried to go to their site I received a message to say that they were undergoing emergency maintenance. I'm hoping things will be up and running again tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed here and I am so sorry for any inconvenience.

Catherine said...

Hmmm... I think some of this cute wee bunny's cousins live in my garden! ;)

Your flowers are beautiful!
xo Catherine

~mel said...

Oh how lucky for you to have a former landscaper! I had to do all the hard work myself ... but love the results. I just love lilies! In fact, I love all flowers. Yours are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


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