Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama in Asheville

We are participating in Photo Hunt today and the word is addiction - following celebrities can be seen as an addiction of sorts - some people can get really carried away dong this so I think my topic fits!

There has been lots of excitement and jets flying overhead - the President and wife arrived in Asheville yesterday for a short vacation on a scaled down version of Air Force One (our airport is not too big).

We have been working at sprucing up all week here as they are staying at the hotel where I work - the Grove Park Inn . The First Family stopped off at 12 Bones BBQ (where hubby works) for lunch. Mr. President and his wife actually waited in line outside and would not let them move him ahead inside! Obama had been in town in 08 campaigning and I saw him at a rally and heard him speak. He went to the same BBQ place then - see my story above about the place.

They went for a hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway in the afternoon and in early evening at the hotel he played a round of golf - very visible from the windows of the upper stories while Michelle went to the spa or so I am told! I strolled down to the windows above the golf course and caught a glimpse of the golf game.

I worked that night at the shop (Gallery of the Mountains) and we could see them (barely) in the restaurant across from us having dinner.

Earlier that night, I had my husband drop me off at work to avoid all the stop and search events but he came back to drive me home and got to go thru the car search with the dogs. The FBI guys asked hubby if he would mind if they planted a bag of gun powder on the car to give the dogs something to do and keep them alert. He asked if it was a trick and they smiled and said no. So they hid the bag on the car and let the shepherd mix dog find it - he did and got lots of praise for his work! Hubby thought it was cool.

We are hoping the First Couple will come in the shop sometime over the weekend....will keep you posted on the rest of the activities!

For more great takes on the Photo Hunt theme addictions visit Tnchick!


On Saturday the First Couple spent the day at the hotel - him golfing with friends from Chicago and her playing tennis. They were invited to tour the Biltmore Estate mansion later that day hosted by the owners.

After the tour, they stopped off at my favorite restaurant - the Corner Kitchen for dinner with their Chicago friends. It seems one of the owners was eating out in another downtown place and she was texted to come back to the Corner to meet the President.

They returned to the hotel for the night and will be off to WVA this morning for the memorial service for the miners. Hope you enjoyed their itinerary. Wish we got to meet them but it was fun having them in town!

All photos from Asheville Citizen Times and AP.


Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

I think their choice was an excellent one!!

helenmac said...

great place for a great couple!

noel said...


i like your own interpretation of addiction , very cool photos of the pres!

come and check out my addiction on my sari blog, come join if you feel inspired.

Simba said...

How interesting. You live in a nice place!

Old Kitty said...


Now that is really some exciting news!!! Oh wonderful and so great that the Obamas visited 12Bones BBQ (I've just clicked on the link - great place - shows that good "fast" food could be so healthy and environmentally safe too - well done BBQ people - yay!).

There was so much excitement when the Obamas came to London earlier this year and I'm so so thrilled to see the Family in a lovely area like Asheville! They can't go to a nicer place really!

It's so funny in a weird way!! about the FBI guys leaving gunpowder in hubby's car to keep the guard dogs alert! Wow.!

Thank you for this really nice and happy peak into such a wonderful event!

Take care

From the Kitchen said...

I saw your North Carolina blog and now realize you live in one of my favorite places--Ashville and work at another favorite place--The Grove Park Inn. Although I now live in the Chicago area, I'm originally from Roanoke so love those Blue Ridge Mountains. I'm just becoming very interested in photography and your photos are excellent. Thanks for posting about the President and Mrs. Obama. Where are the little girls?


Beyond The Garden said...

Very cool


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