Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Castle in the Corn Maze, West Asheville

It was a warm fall day and we wanted to get outdoors and enjoy the season last Sunday. We decided to head to the 10 acre Castle in the Corn Maze staged to raise money for the Eliada Home for Children.

The Home was a short drive from the city but a world away. We had visited corn mazes before and were looking forward to this one.

There was a good crowd here with plenty of parking. A tent was set up with tables for those who wanted to visit but not walk the maze. All sorts of activities beckoned - a horse drawn wagon ride, picking out pumpkins to decorate for Halloween, a food stand with drinks and snacks and even a small straw bale maze for toddlers.

We headed right for the maze, purchasing tickets and getting our map. The castle featured three mazes - a 2.2 mile one going well to the rear of the corn field, a smaller 1 mile maze and then a tiny one for the kids. We opted for the 2.2 mile one called Dragon's Lair and headed in.

The trick is to follow the lines on the map - the lines are the path. Each map had a Sudoku puzzle in the right upper corner with stations all throughout the maze to check in, punch out the station numbers and Sudoku spaces with different shapes. This was fun - it gave you an idea of where in the maze you were and a goal to achieve while walking it. I have been in other mazes without this feature and found this to be a great bonus.

Since I am directionally challenged, I let my husband do the map reading while I took photos and enjoyed the walk. The field was hilly so it was a good physical workout just walking the path plus a mental workout finding our way. We ran into many other families struggling to read the map or offering directions if they were already on their way back.

The corn stalks towered over our heads and at times you could only see the corn and nothing else! People of all ages were out enjoying the challenge - young kids, couples with babies in backpacks and grandparents with their grandchildren.

Once out of the maze, fill in your Sudoku puzzle and turn the bottom slip in for prizes at the ticket booth. We sat for a bit to rest and eat a snack before heading back home. This maze is located on Leicester Highway off Haywood Road in West Asheville. Go to Castle in the Corn for more info.

If you would like to find a corn maze near you click here.

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April said...

Lovely pictures of the fall countryside and pumpkin patch! The corn maze sounds like a lot of fun. I would probably have gotten lost. Thanks for stopping by.

Carver said...

That looks like a fun event. Great shots.

SandyCarlson said...

What a great place. Thanks for sharing the delights of autumn.

LadyFi said...

A corn maze?! What an unusual and creative idea! Great fun.

Snap said...

This looks like too much fun! Wonderful shots. Thanks for taking us with you! It's FALL!

Anonymous said...

That is quite amazing (no pun intended)!! We have nothing quite like that here in Oz. Sounded like a very fun day.


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