Tuesday, September 1, 2009

UR Light Center Labyrinth, Black Mountain

I love to walk labyrinths as a form of meditation and seek them out wherever I travel or live. This one is just a few miles from my house in the mountains and quite lovely.

The United Research Light center itself is a nondenominational center for prayer and meditation. It is housed in a white dome building surrounded by forest and gardens. I have attended many concerts here in the upper dome part of the building which has great acoustics.

The Light Center Labyrinth, located behind the dome building, is a Classical 7 circuit design. This one looks to have a metal frame of sorts with white pebbles lining the walkway. It is nestled in a sunny spot surrounded by trees with a bench for sitting before or after the walk.

Walking a labyrinth helps me be still and to go within. It is a form of meditation or prayer and can be used for many things - to intuit answers to life's questions, to ask for guidance or healing, to pray, or to just enjoy the feeling of peace.

For more information on labyrinths or to locate one near you visit Labyrinth Society online.

The Light Center also has a Light Chamber - a circular room with comfy seating around the perimeter for meditating. Panels of lights sit below the ceiling and shine for 5 minutes at a time. Beautiful music plays during the 35 minute session. I have not done this yet but it does look peaceful and interesting. You can find the Light center off Highway 9 just south of Black Mountain. For more information visit UR Light Center or call 828.669.6845.

(This photo from the UR Light center website)

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Anonymous said...

The light center is just gorgeous as are the labyrinths. I can just imagine the sense of peace and well-being you can find there.

Louise said...

It looks like a peaceful place. The last picture, of the light chamber, makes me think of old science fiction. I really like it.

Catherine said...

this looks like a beautifully tranquil place to visit..

magiceye said...

very interesting
beautiful images of a lovely soothing place that exudes positivity

SandyCarlson said...

Nice one! That looks like a great place to meditate.

There's a wonderful labyrinth up this way at Wisdom House in Litchfield, Connecticut. It, too, is in a beautiful setting.

Denise said...

It looks wonderful. I never knew these labyrinth's existed outside of a fairy tale. I'm going to look for one around here. Thanks for the info and your photos are beautiful.

Rev. Faith Nettleton-Scherer said...

Can't wait to visit! We also have a labyrinth just outside Gaffney, SC. It is the same classical design as the one shown here but built with rocks and worked into the natural setting. It has a solar fountain and solar lighting for evening walks. We love to have people visit: www.sunbeamministries.org - look for the labyrinth page.


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