Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bedford Falls Alpaca Farm, Warne

When my friend Nancy invited us to visit her alpaca farm in south western NC in the mountains near GA, we were thrilled to go. Her husband Doug had built a beautiful cabin on the property next to the creek and the alpaca pasture which was available for visitors. We drove leisurely from the Boone area and arrived in about 3 hours.

The open and spacious cabin was wonderful - a master bedroom below and another loft bedroom above. We stayed in the loft enjoying the view from up there. The kitchen was fully equipped, A huge stone fireplace graced the living area and offered cozy warmth on the cool fall nights. We also had satellite TV and a DVD player but never used them, preferring to talk to Nancy and Doug, reading and just relaxing on the porch.

Nancy met us with her usual enthusiasm and took us on a tour of the farm. Alpacas are smaller than llamas and do not have hoofs, rather pads instead. The are skittish of your arms and hands so the best way to approach them is to put your hands behind your back and lean towards them with your head. They will come right up close then. They hum constantly and their fur is so soft. Not all like to be petted but some do and I encourage it with Nancy's approval of course.

The John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC for crafts is close by and Nancy took us there to meet everyone. She had taken spinning classes to learn to make scarves and hats with the wool from the alpacas. The gift shop has the most lovely hand made items for sale - all from student of the school. The gift shop and history center is open Mon - Sat from 8-5 and Sundays from 1-5. For more information check out

It was the most relaxing three days I have ever spent. I don't know if it was the sound of the burbling creek next to the cabin or the presence of the quiet alpacas in the pasture but I was so calm and felt my stress melting away. I hated to leave.

The cabin is available nightly for $100 or weekly for $600. For more information visit their website at or call 828 389-1345.

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